I now have a space

Hello Web land,

I decided to create a space after I saw a space of another quadriplegic, Kenny.  I have my own web site but it is far from where I would like it to be and I like the way the msn spaces are set up.  Plus using a blog web site could possibly help me connect with even more people which is something I’m always fond of.  Hopefully I’m not just striving for a constant need of human compassion.

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2 Responses to I now have a space

  1. Unknown says:

    Colin, You Rock!  I just discovered your blog on msn – good idea.  You are SO #@x%$ing inspirational, I just had to write and tell you my thoughts.  I think you are perhaps even MORE of an inspiration to people who mentally hold themselves back, throw pity parties for themselves, and generally just plain do not appreciate their lives.  Just because someone can walk does not mean they have their shit together.  I agree with the person who thinks you should write a book.  Let the inspiration you create pay your way. 
    And please check outhttp://www.sharedadventures.org/  If you wanna come out to Cali and play I\’d be happy to help.  You made my day!

  2. Mysterious Silence says:

    Hi there,
    i won\’t lie and tell u that i have read ur space yet, i didn\’t… i just had a look at it and i loved what i saw and ur choose of ur titles gives me the hint that ur a good writer. I promise i\’ll read it during this weekend, since this is the first updated space i come across for a long time. ur an insparation to many, and to me… thnx a lot that i came across ur space -where have u been for a long time, or is it me who missed it?- hope to hear from u soon…

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