Infinite intelligence

I wrote this last Friday…

I just finished reading the book Quantum Healing, by Deepak Chopra.  Excellent book and I highly recommend it.  Once again, I have stumbled upon a book, thanks to my dad, that has opened my eyes to the mysteriousness of this world and explains the root from which all life is based, a silent intelligence hidden deep inside tiny crevices of the dimensions we observe on a daily basis.

For every thought created inside the bundle of nerves called the brain, chemical reactions take place which create a domino effect of other chemical reactions throughout the body.  Each thought actually has the power to totally change the chemical makeup of every single cell in every system of our physical makeup.  The same chemicals created by thoughts can actually be created by certain cells of the body, especially the cells of our immune system.  The connection between mind and body is absolutely extraordinary, and… well… mind blowing.

Science can pin down what chemicals are created by the brain, in turn what chemicals those chemicals create and so on but where does the entire process begin?  Where does the thought that created this chain reaction come from?  When I mention the word “dog”, everyone has a certain image or memory that occurs, but inbetween the mention of the word and the thought created there is a silent gap of intelligence.  This intelligence finds the bundle of nerves within the immense neural network of our brains and brings it to the surface of our consciousness.

The silent intelligence is even more amazing concerning its role in the daily functioning of our bodies.  Every single cell DNA has created within us knows exactly what to do, in every single situation to make sure that the body’s natural functions take place in a perfectly synchronized fashion.  I unfortunately cannot go into detail of all these natural functions for I do not contain the knowledge that Mr. Deepak Chopra does.  However, this infinite intelligence that each of us maintain, is supervising and controlling all kinds of complex bodily functions at this very moment.  Temperature control, sweat glands, blood pressure, water regulation and the ever present battle against foreign bacteria to name a few.

It is because of the silent intelligence that all healing takes place.  The book mostly focuses on different instances of cancer and Deepak Chopra’s theory is that when healing does not take place it is because a disconnection has occurred between mind, body and the ever present infinite intelligence.  It has been proven that this intelligence knows how to defeat all types of cancer because spontaneous remissions occur on a regular basis.  Why should just a select few people defeat the horrors of cancer and not others?  Are they viewed as more worthy under the eyes of God than the person who dies of the same ailment?  Of course not, every person has the ability to reconnect to the ability of miraculous healing power but somehow it is easier for some to establish this reconnection.  Mostly I believe it is involved with a strong power of intention.  The idea that if I believe strongly enough that drinking a glass of orange juice would make me walk again than it would be so.  Take Lance Armstrong for instance.  He defied all the odds by saying that he would not let his cancer win and absolutely knew from the start that it would be beaten.  Not only did he overcome his cancer, but he overcame the poison of chemotherapy to become the best cyclist of all time.

Just as the intelligence is present in all of us to overcome cancer, I know that the intelligence is there for myself to overcome paralysis.  Deepak Chopra hypothesizes that the key to healing is not by attacking the disease but by focusing on the overall well-being and consciousness of the person.  The foundational practice involved in finding the intelligence to heal is discovered through the art of meditation.  Through meditation one can dive into the depths of consciousness, and swim within the silent body of infinite intelligence.  Meditation is a skill anyone can possess and can be used to free themselves of our broken bodies, broken due to a disconnection of consciousness, and re-teach the subconscious that we are not separated from the world but are divine beings completely absorbed within all that is.

To promote healing, I am reminding myself every day that I’m not this body but I am one with all of creation and every thought I manifest affects not only myself but all that is.  I am never alone in this world and if I separate myself from the ocean of intelligence in which I am engulfed, my body will never find harmony.  I believe each and everyone of us contains the power to heal and be healed, one must only realize that they have the power to do so.  Will I ever find the power?  I do not know.  This is not the ultimate reason for meditation and spiritual seeking.  The ultimate reason is to find peace within yourself and being the divine soul that we all are, contribute what I can to the unified reality in which we all live and breathe.  For that is the reason why we are all here, to help create the universe we are all a part of.  Through my thoughts and actions help to create a harmonious and loving universe.  Imagine, a simple thought has the power to affect the entire world.  This is quite a powerful reason to live don’t you think?

How does one’s brain grasp the idea of an infinite intelligence, the driving force behind our lives?  Is this infinite intelligence God or is this a creation of God?  I am no atheist, I very much believe in God, but my mind is always diving for answers.  Unable to simply have faith, I search for what God is, what I can interpret him to be.  For many it is not a comforting thought to view God as this invisible force driving our cells to function and manifesting our thoughts.  A God that is in a sense each and everyone of us and actually is everything that we can see and feel but in disguise.  It’s much more comforting to view God as something we can embrace and hold onto.  A figure of some sort, possibly with a long grey beard and a warm hearty smile, much like that of Gandalf from “Lord of the Rings”.  Growing up, this has always been my interpretation of God.  Now however, this is not so realistic to me anymore and my perspective now leans more towards the infinite intelligence being God himself.  A God that takes on no specific form but is formless and omniscient.  A God that is everything and everywhere all at once, manifesting this world through us and our interpretations of the power’s He has given us.  I believe it is up to us in how deep way we wish to plunge into the mysteries of God.  It is quite scary to constantly question and continually dig for the answers that have no end.  It is like staring into the darkness of an infinite abyss and jumping, knowing that you may never reach the bottom.

Almost each and everyone of us has had those moments were everything seems to make sense and the power of creation radiates from our senses.  The moment may be the site of a spectacular sunset or the observation of a three-year-old with his mother.  Suddenly God and yourself reach an understanding and a compromise is reached for the suffering we must endure.  To meditate, to practice a state of conscious awareness throughout the day is to embrace these moments consistently by choice, not by mere coincidence.  Since my accident, I have embarked on a spiritual journey and most days as I sit outside my house in the suburbs of Charlotte, I can now center my attention on the vast mind blowing power of creation that I am immersed within.  However, my ability of awareness is both quite scary, magical, and joyous all at the same time.  It’s as if I am an observer on the outside looking in, unable to be both the observer and participant in this wonderment of life.  These are the moments Albert Einstein describes as,

 “Such moments one imagines that one stands on some spot of a small planet gazing in amazement at the cold and yet profoundly moving beauty of the internal, the unfathomable.  Life and death flow into one, and there is neither evolution nor destiny, only Being.”

I suppose the reason I feel isolated from the wonderment and majesty of my consciousness, is a fear of the infinite, a fear that I will never find complete illumination at the bottom of the abyss.  The piece I feel during these moments of consciousness far exceeds any fear that I may feel and I believe that these feelings of peace will only continue to grow and fear will continuously recede into nothingness.

It is interesting, that everywhere I go I am able to sit back and absorb the magnitude of what I’m observing.  When immersed within a crowded mall or even interstate traffic God’s glory is present and I can consciously become aware of it.  The one place, I have the most trouble centering my mind and absorbing a myself within infinite consciousness is inside my house.  Negativity seems to overpower me and the reckless emotional responses cannot be stopped.  Somehow through the course of my life, I have built in a negative pattern of emotional responses in my home and I can only hope that I can find this hidden negativity and banish it from my being.

All right, I hope all that was not too overwhelming.  I felt like writing something of substance.

Going waterskiing tomorrow.  I’m thinking about trying the monoski.  Kind of nervous about it.  I can definitely foresee myself falling quite a bit.



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  1. CallieHuggles says:

    Hi Colin, Yep, I actually started at the beggining….I haven\’t seen you on the help site, but I have been contactin people through there since marc helped him put it up.How are you?My name is Callie,I am a right sided Hemi, due to a brain malformation, now many other DISORDERS it turned out that have been here since I was born, and they just DIDN"T know it until I am well near twice you age ( 41 )I guess it fits though, I have been advocating for human rights and the abilites FOR people with disabilites as long as I can remember… and elderly and children…now it\’s just me who is also..a Professional patient…. ( friend of mine in Canada came up with that term ) found out this year HOW TRUE it really is )had my first Major SCI in 89, too many TBIano now the paraylis, and major spinal cord disease with the brain/nuero problem…I find it so hard to believe how hard it is for someone who is in a wheelchair AND oxygen to be able to be able to get around..because my disabilities involve my brain, and NOTmy lungs, they are very strange on how they provide the oxygen…I would love to introduce you to many friends of mine if you would let me..over 6 countries.. the span the world.. I never imagined spaces could do that, but it gave me over 10,000 visitors in only 60 days and they hae not stopped.. so many wonderful people here..{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{BIG HUGS}}}}}}}}}}}write to me, I would love to hear from youcallie~!~ Let Your Positve Voices Be Heard ~!~

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