The caterpillar’s have disappeared from my driveway.  About a week ago every morning the front door would open and I would be greeted by large amounts of caterpillars of all sizes making the trek across the concrete.  These were not the cute, fuzzy caterpillars I remember adoring growing up, but were actually quite grotesque with black bodies and yellow specks.  I hated those caterpillars but despite my dislike for them I seemed to care for whether they lived or died.  At least one would be crawling across the ramp outside the front door every morning so I would sit and wait for the correct moment to ease down the wooden decline in order not to end the existence of my nemesis.  Once on the pavement I maneuvered meticulously avoiding the undulating body’s each with no idea that at that very moment someone was deciding whether they lived or died.  I would try to find a space on the driveway that seemed to have a bit less traffic which was rather difficult, and then closed my eyes to meditate.  It would never last long however as I began to imagine the many legged creatures mistaking my chair for a tree full of tasty morsels.  Damn caterpillars!  I would roll up to a nice big fat one and inch my front wheel forward at the thought of splattering the bug.  Of course I could never bring myself to do it as I watched it belly dance across the concrete.  I’d look across the driveway to the corner of the yard and see the destination of the caterpillars pilgrimage, a young oak tree nearly stripped of all its leaves.  At closer inspection of the tree I’d see hundreds of caterpillars clung to the branches munching away with delight.

No meditation of any substance would take place that morning and I normally ended up observing my distractors as they traveled from the large oak to the small oak and back again.  I have become quite the observer when it comes to the surroundings of my house.  As I speak, a small brown spider is creating an intricate web right outside my bedroom window.  I saw him not to long ago, seemingly crawling around in midair, going round and round in circles stopping intermittently to stitch some piece of the masterpiece together.  The web is being constructed between two bushes about 8 feet apart.  I wonder how the very first strand was created?  Did he leap from one bush to the other, or did he drag the silky thread through the grass and up the base of the bush?

A battle of life and death took place in the same vicinity earlier this afternoon.  I black buzzing blur flew across my field of vision and I quickly turned my head to the left to see the flying object crash into the neighbor’s house and hit the ground.  I approached cautiously for investigation and found what seemed to be a giant yellow jacket munching on a cicadas head.  I don’t think I had ever seen anything more violent.  I have read recently that bugs in general are notorious for their murderous habits.  Apparently a female praying mantis is known to devour her male companion during copulation.  I don’t know, just doesn’t seem quite fair or reasonable in my opinion.

I’m sure my neighbors think I’m quite strange half the time sitting there with my eyes closed and the other half wheeling around with my eyes in a daze looking around like some sort of hippie on drugs saying to himself, “Whoa, that tree is really trippin me out”.  Well I’m not on drugs, that kind anyways, but to be honest the hippie statement is somewhat what I’m thinking as I stare up at the wooden wonders anchored and decorated.  Life is quite amazing in my perspective and a simple outline of the tree against the sky happens to be both entertaining and beautiful.  The intricacies of life really present in my front yard are so complicated that it is impossible for the normal mind to grasp.  What I’m able to observe is but a fraction of what is actually occurring beneath my senses.  Beneath my very nose are thousands of personal universes each working together and unified by a single life force which created and is driving the most complicated, random, chaotic, and yet perfectly synchronized sequence of events.  I’m merely sitting back and enjoying the show.


To fill my readers in on some news a bit more normal than migrating caterpillars, I’m happy to say that my butt pain has diminished and has not reached the extreme pain that has occurred from time to time since my last entry.  The reduction of pain has not come at a price however for I have been taking it extremely easy.  All activities that seem to have created extreme pain have been avoided such as the standing frame and mat work.  I’m contemplating whether or not I should try the FES bike.  For those who may not know, the FES bike is a machine that stimulates my leg muscles to peddle a stationary bike.  It’s been a good amount of time since I’ve done it and I was getting on the bike on a regular basis.  The plan over this past weekend and this coming week was to stay off the standing frame and mostly focus on swimming since that seems to be the most effective exercise as far as avoiding pain is concerned.  Swimming is also extremely good therapy.  The swim experience today wasn’t too much fun due to the fact that the water heater was broken and the water temperature stood at a chilly 78°.  I lasted for about 30 minutes and had to call it quits.

I may have to give into the standing frame soon.  It has become quite routine to stand every day and the feeling is very rewarding.  Along with the feeling of standing in general my lower back always tightens up and gives my spine some stability for the time being.  It is very healthy for my body to stand so I somewhat feel like I’m falling apart by not doing it but a week or so of not standing shouldn’t hurt.

I’m supposed to see my spinal cord doctor next week.  He’s probably just going to prescribe me some medicine but we’ll see.


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8 Responses to Caterpillars

  1. Anita says:

    Glad your butt is feeling better!have you read \’The power of Now?\’. parts of it are somewhat confusing, but since you seem like quite the \’Alchemist\’ you might actually find some good coping skills from it.As the future naturopath I would like to recommend one thing: Find out WHY the pain is there instead of just trying to maks it with meds. It does not sound to me like thats what you want, but I know how the MD\’s work!How about a Healing Touch massage or a visit to a local chiropractor. Most insurances cover them now and I think you can get a great result for it.Seriously, only two things could be causing the pain:Lack of circulation orNerve pain.I like to help people by getting down to the root of the problem instead of masking the pain.There could be by now also a mild inflamation going on.Ask your folks to get you some Arnica Montana cream and little white pills.It\’s homeopathic and does not have any bad side effects.This wth a combination of Vitamin B-5 (Panthoneic Acid), and high dose of C (about 3000 mg a day) work wonders!Oh… do not eat the cream (:-0)… ask a cute nurse to run it for you where it hurts.I am sure that it will help!-Anita

  2. Simply Me See says:

    Hey Colin, I have never commented on your blog before, but I have been reading quite often. I am so glad to read that you are doing a little better. The pain you were in was so evident in your writing. I don\’t think that I have ever taken the time to watch the things that you have mentioned in this entry. I have to admit spiders give me the willies and I generally go for the biggest shoe or book I can find to kill it when they come near me. Thank you for opening my eyes. I think I need to take a look around at some little things and maybe the big things won\’t dominate my world so much. Best to you,

  3. J-Anderson says:

    Hi Colin, I\’m glad you are feeling better today. You have some really good points about what goes on around us that we pay no attention too. Having to stay in our chairs when we are outside makes time for watching those busy little bugs. Those spiders can make some big and beautiful webs, and they do in very quickly. Take care of your self. I wish you Peace, Joan

  4. Fat says:

    I\’m happy to hear that the pain is going away for you. The caterpillar march is quite interesting too! I can\’t say that I\’ve ever seen something like that before. How nice of you to not take away their little lives. Most people don\’t even look down to see what they are about to squash.Have a good one!~ Fat Chick

  5. Lisa says:

    Colin,Glad to hear that the pain is a little better for you now. Does that happen often? You must have been in some serious pain to cut down on your workouts. How long do you stand in the standing frame? Does it help with the pain to stand or is that what started the pain? what ever the reason I hope it goes away.Take CareLisa

  6. Colin says:

    Anita,Thanks for the advice. Most likely my doctor is going to tell me it\’s nerve pain and prescribe some Nerontin. I\’m thinking it may have something to do with my sciatic nerve but even that is neurological and Nerontin will run to my rescue.I agree that it\’s much better to discover why the pain is happening rather than asking it but this is rather tough with this injury. Strange phantom pains occur all the time with incomplete injuries and I cannot really trust all the sensations I receive.I have read The Power of Now. It is an excellent book and one of my favorites.Are you familiar with Ayurvedic techniques?Colin

  7. Colin says:

    Lisa,The pain has not been occurring too often lately but I\’m afraid that might only be because of my time off from certain activities. I usually stand in my standing frame for about an hour. I feel no pain while I\’m standing and its actually feels like it may be helping but the pain ensues as soon as I come down. I will probably try it again within the next couple days.Con

  8. Anita says:

    Ayurvedic medicine is one of the classes that I need to take before I graduate. I am fascinated by it, and I think that it is the closest thing to Homeopathy that I can think of. Some like to compeare it to TCM, but I would not.I really like the division of different personality type in Ayurveda. I have hard time determining for myself if I am more of a Kaffa or a Wada, so I do not use the medicine on myself, but it still amazes me.As far as your nerve pain goes what about a chiropractor?I have had tons of luck here at work with showing people w/ sciatic nerve pain how to do self-adjustments, but I am not sure if it would work for you.If you do not feel comftible having you "back cracked" (sorry for the expression), look up a napropath…If you are having hard time with that let me know, and I will help you find someone through my contacts at school.Have a great day!Anita

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