Still Creating

Technological Advancement

I am now using my brand-new Gateway computer thanks to the wonderful day of my birth and the tradition our culture has developed of giving on this wonderful day.  My newfound possession is also due to the generosity of my father who loves to spoil his only son when he feels like it.  He bought me this new computer because we felt like I needed a more powerful machine which supported the technical and detailed programs I use, mostly Dragon Naturally Speaking.  So the question is, was it true that my Compaq Presario 700 was outdated and could not support my speech recognition software?  The answer is an enthusiastic and positive yes, for as I speak the words are appearing before my eyes a hundred times more accurately and quickly than before.  Oh what a happy day!


The Seminar

So on Thursday my dad and I were going to attend a free presentation concerning mind body healing.  A Greg Bradon would be speaking during the presentation and then the next night and all day Saturday was hosting a seminar concerning his research on consciousness and spirituality.  At this time we had no plans of attending the seminar.  Moments before we would leave the house for the free presentation, we found out that it was canceled due to an emergency meeting concerning hurricane relief.  We were both bummed but continued to go about our day as usual.  The next day was the same but as afternoon started rolling around I began to realize that an opportunity was presenting itself and was hours away from passing us by.  A seminar on the subject of spirituality and consciousness, subjects my father and I have dove into lately, was going to be here in Charlotte and it would be a faint recognition like a mosquito being flicked away. 

  As we drove home from the pool that afternoon I questioned my father, “Dad, don’t you think this may be something we should be attending?”  At first we came up with all sorts of excuses being we were tired, we had little time to get ready, and all day Saturday would be a long day.  Then we realized we were in fact just making excuses and made the decision to spend the meaningless money and attend a seminar of a man we had never heard of before.  Realizing an opportunity, acting upon it, and creating abundance in our lives rather than suppressing them.

 So I’m sure you all are wondering if it was a decision that led to a miraculous experience in our lives and changed us in ways one could not possibly imagine.  Well, the short answer is no, but it was a good experience which created change in our lives, just not the type of change that makes one gasp in disbelief.  When the seminar first began on Friday night my dad and I first thought we had made a big mistake.  Greg Braden began with a small portion of the seminar he called Context, and it was all about how horrible shape the world is in, how it is our fault, and if we didn’t do something about it than the world was doomed.  We had entered a save the Earth hippie convention.  I listened and absorbed his Context being the open-minded, young person I am, but I looked over at my dad and his body language obviously spoke of boredom.  Luckily the Context ended and he entered the subject of quantum physics, although he never used the word exactly.  This was the first part out of three of the seminar and dealt with the possibility of a field of energy much like a Web which is all around us but has no concept of space or time.  I’m very familiar with this concept due to my own readings but he did present some very interesting experiments I had never heard of before.  These experiments seemed to prove without a doubt that there is a field of intelligence present in our lives.  The one that stands out most in my mind was an experiment in which they took a young man’s DNA and placed it in some sort of container.  They then stimulated the man emotionally in another room and with each emotion a certain chemical change occurred in the DNA.  There was no time lapse in the correlation and increased distance was not a factor.

 After the Friday night lecture I felt good about our decision to attend.  Greg Braden was not someone I saw as a spiritual mentor or someone who could personally affect change in my life but he seemed to be a very smart man who was good at presenting scientific and spiritual information to others.  I was a little wary however because there was a definite moneymaking scheme behind the whole production and I had some suspicions of Greg Braden’s character.

 The next morning I awoke at 7 a.m. to try and make it to the seminar at 9.  When we arrived the air-conditioning was on full blast so within minutes my body was chilled to the bone and I could not resist the fatigue.  I tried to pay attention as best I could as Greg Braden discussed the subject of his new book “The God Code”.  Apparently Mr. Braden has found a code within our DNA that states, “God eternal within the body”.  I was pretty much lost during the discussion as all sorts of numbers began appearing, connecting them to Hebrew characters, connecting them to DNA, and all of a sudden a hidden message from God appeared within DNA.  I didn’t understand it so therefore I didn’t buy it.  I thought maybe my inability to understand was because I possibly lacked the intelligence, but I later found out I didn’t understand because in actuality, it made absolutely no sense.

 Lunch of course was not provided because that would cost money so my dad and I went home for our lunch break.  We returned for the afternoon discussion which was based on the power of prayer and how one should pray to achieve results.  The idea is to pray as if the result has already manifested in your life.  This thought is not a new one and is stated within the Bible itself.  An interesting point he made was the fact that a thought is simply a wish not a prayer, but a thought combined with feeling and emotion achieves a true prayer.  People are constantly, myself included, asking God for things to occur in our lives, but we don’t realize that as soon as we ask for something, this is creating the absence of what we are asking for.  By consciously believing, feeling and emotionally absorbing our desires this creates the perfect scenario for the fulfillment of prayer manifestation.  At the center of a prayer should be a sense of gratitude, peace, and love for what has already manifested in our lives and has yet to manifest.  So as I pray to God Almighty I envision my body whole again, I feel the earth beneath my feet, and thank God for healing me rather than asking Him to do so.  This creates no emptiness in my life because God has already manifested everything I need and will continue to endlessly provide.  At this point I saw Greg Braden for the first time as someone who did have compassion for others and truly did want to reach out and touch people’s lives.

 The following day, which was yesterday, the more I thought about the seminar we attended the more I began to think that Greg Braden was a fraud.  There were several reasons for my suspicion.  The first being the obvious motivation to make money.  Usually at seminars such as these many free items are included but at this seminar all that was included was water, coffee and tea.  When the woman who organized the event introduced Greg Braden onto the stage, she jokingly told everyone they shouldn’t take notes because it would be too overwhelming and then slipped in the fact that there was a $35 tape you could buy.  Another reason why I was suspicions was he had a tendency to constantly avoid questions.  He seemed to always be telling people they were several slides ahead of him and would answer the question later but never seemed to do so.  “Quick relevant questions” he would always say and if the question was too difficult he would tell them that the subject was a whole other seminar.   Then during bathroom breaks he seemed to disappear in thin air, either not wanting to mingle with us commoners, or not wanting to answer questions he couldn’t answer.

 Last night, as I began to write this update actually, I began to receive several e-mails from my dad who was upstairs at the time.  Each one was a written review of Greg Braden and his work for the most part completely exposing him for the fraud he is.  Apparently the God code is based on absolutely no scientific fact and is a mixture of exaggerated scientific and religious fact combined with the beliefs of the either a fraud or a man living in an illusionary world.  I was not too surprised by his lack of scientific credibility but now I’ve begun to think that if this part of his seminar was completely bogus how can I believe any of it all?  Besides that particular section of the seminar I felt much of what he was saying to be very interesting and worth pondering over.

 I’m not exactly sure what Greg Braden’s motives are.  It’s hard to analyze my overall feeling of the seminar because half the time he was presenting fact, half the time he was presenting exaggerated fact, half the time he was presenting lies, and half the time he was presenting compassion and love.  I’ve come up with three different options to who Greg Braden is.

 1) He is a spiritual seeker who is desperately trying to find messages from God in our lives, has developed some illusions in his life but means well.

 2) He is a fraud with good research under his belt and is using this knowledge to stretch scientific fact and create plausible New Age ideas to make money.

 3) A little bit of both.

 I’m thinking number three is probably the most likely option because I do feel like I got a lot out of the seminar.  Somehow I need to filter out the lies and exaggerations and hold on to the facts and plausible theories.  My dad wrote down many of the sources he cited so we can look up much of the information for ourselves.  My dad has already found that the DNA experiment is completely true.

 In the end I’m very glad we decided to attend.  It was a good learning experience in that if we are planning to continue an open-minded search for answers we must be wary of who we put our trust in.  I also met several wonderful people whom I was able to touch in a special way and they were able to touch my life as well.  I was meant to be at that seminar and I believe it was a successful opportunity realized and seized.

 Girls, Girls, Girls

 Girls are always on my mind but it seems the beautiful creatures have been roaming around in my brain more so than usual.  My dad was giving me some fatherly pressure to approach some of the young ladies at the seminar.  I’ve never been very good at approaching women but I was not that bad either.  My problem was not in the approaching part but the part where you actually have to ask the girl out on a date.  Nowadays both aspects are quite horrifying to me, however due to my new philosophy of seizing opportunities, I’ve been feeling the pressure to get over my feelings of inadequacy and get back in the saddle.

 So far I’ve been completely unsuccessful in this mission and I seem to be continually letting opportunities arise and fade.  I may be putting too much pressure on myself because the opportunities for girls are constantly arising and the goal of exploring each and every one of these opportunities might be a bit too ambitious.

 I know many people out there do not understand and probably wonder how sexuality changes after the spinal cord injury.  Well to be honest, it changes quite a bit and it takes quite a bit of strength to overcome the changes I’ve had had to deal with in that area.  Sexual functioning is still present but is by no means the same as it was.  The guys from Murderball are quite optimistic about this area of their lives which is obvious from the movie when a girl asks four of them the question everyone wonders.  They all looked around at each other and said, “I think we’re all good in that area.  Yep, ding ding!”

 It’s quite amusing and encouraging to see them so enthusiastic about this area of their lives but the fact remains that spinal cord injured men can no longer rely on the party in their pants to signify their desire for women.  As the men out there know, even if one is not having sex, this feeling is a prime motivating factor in getting off the couch and searching for a relationship.  Through my own experiences I’ve discovered that I almost have to completely push hormones aside and rely on something guys rarely use when it comes to women, the brain.  It seems to me that breaking ones neck, creates the ideal man every woman wants, a man who’s not always thinking about sex.

 I’m positive that I can still attract women into my life and I also know that I’m fully capable of approaching women and reentering the dating world.  I think the main reason I lack the confidence is a feeling like I am creating a burden in a woman’s life rather than a special someone to be with.  I hate to think about how dependent I would be on that person and how much she would have to do for me compared to what I would do for her.  It would be nice if I could drive so I could at least go pick her up.  It’s as if I have to get to know a girl before I go out with her, but how do I get to know her, without going out with her.  It’s quite the dilemma.  Of course like all things in my life this is just another hardship I must overcome, so watch out ladies I’m back in the game.


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11 Responses to Still Creating

  1. Andi says:

    Hello Colin :)Just started to read your blog and so far so good. Thanks 🙂 really entertaning. I will come back and read more for sure.You take care,Andi 🙂

  2. Tricia says:

    Well written. Have you ever read Deepak Chopra and ayurvdic medicine? Kinda goes with your philosophy.

  3. Colin says:

    I have read two of Chopra\’s books, Quantum Healing and The Spontaneous Fulfillment of Desire. Both were excellent. I wrote kind of a book review on Quantum Healing. Check out the entry entitled "Infinite Intelligence".I got your e-mail by the way. Could you please mind your own business. HaHa, just kidding.Colin

  4. Unknown says:

    Congratulations on your new computer and happy belated birthday! Good entry–especially the "Girls, Girls, Girls"! Good luck and happy hunting!!! ;0PTake care and have a great day!

  5. Anita says:

    Morning Colin,Did not read the whole blog this moring (The girls part I left out), But really want to comment on the Seminar.Well NO, first I want to wish you a HAPPY B-Day!!!!Now back to the seminar:I do not know personally of the dude, so cannot say that I\’ve got any proff, but there are a lot of folks out there that make much mula off of the fact that people are going back to spirituality and self healing.It\’s a trend that excites me, becouse of my spiritual gifts.The scientific proofs of God\’s existance are everywhere, but I really do not like to focus on Bible codes, and secret messages imbeded into our DNA/ RNA.Reading Genesis, and figuring out that all females have the same "Eve" gene is exciting for the long conversations with non belivers, but getting my mind stuck on imperfections of carbondating does not enchance my spiritual grouth. Greg did make a valid point on the prayer… to a certain exted… University in Boston did a big study on it:the conclusion was that plants that where being prayed for, and people who where going for bypass surgery not knowing that they where being prayed for all did much beter then the plants and people that where not being prayed for… The study got a little deper then just the prayer. It focused on the kind of prayer:"Oh please let them heal quickly" was not as effective as:"Let them heal quickly according to your will".For the longest time this kind of disturbed me.I had lot\’s of thoughts in my head of the "Old Testament God", kind of rully, and full of thunder and lightning.A year ago I had a revalation though.It was during preparatons to go to Grandma\’s house.My 3 year old was very excited about the fact that we where going, becouse she loves being at grandmas. As we where loading up the car every two minutes she would say:"Can we please go…"The more she would say it the more nervous I would become. I would think to myself:"It is getting late. We should be leaving."In the meantime I could not focus on the things that had to be done before we could leave… Did not get the puppy to the doggie motel on time… and like clock work every two minutes Maya would say:"Can we please go…"It was madening. I was thankfull for my two year old that just sat on the couch singing:"We\’r going to my grandmas house." (She knew that we where going and it was all that matter to her. Too young to have a good time concept)And my 8 year old who just sat on the floor watching TV.Well with the oldest after a while I was getting frustrated, becouse she is old enough to help pack her own toothbrush.Later on that day, actually night, when the girls where all sleeping in the back seat of my van I was talking to the Big Guy. It then came to me hoe He, as the loving, good, always forgiving and wonderful Father must feel when I ask him every two minutes:"Can I please get a different job"I mean dont I know that he has the best in mind for me, and always delivers, never let\’s me down?Then why do I wine?I guess wining goes away with age… Just as it did for my 8 year old…Then recently I finnaly learned how to have good talks with God.I use the acronym ACTS:A stands for adoration. It\’s easy to do. I thinks of something that he has amazed me with this morining. Like a sunrise.C stands for confession. I tell him what I did wrong. Not like the story on my blog about Easter confession… This is: I know I should have told my boss the truth about being late this morning kind of stuff… It\’s the only way that I can get better with correcting my mistakes.T stands for thanksgiving. We always need to be thankfull for the good things in life. Focus on the abondance of things…S is for suplication. This is the list of the things we need.He knows what our needs and wants are, but we still should verbilize them.So imagine in a perfect world, my 3 year old aproaching me as we are trying to leave the house:"Mom you\’r the coolest! I know that I have been kind of naughty this week and did not put my toys away and now you are doing it for me… Thank you for getting everything ready for our trip… Now can we please go…"By the time she would get to the wining part my heart would be melting, and I would not hear the anxiety that a 3 year old has about going to her grandmothers house…Does that make sense Colin?Anita

  6. Shannon says:

    Hi Colin,Great entry, as always! Best of luck to you in your dating adventures…and be sure to fill us in!I finally sat down and finished "Dream Healer" last night. It seems as if Adam has done some work with quads…there was that one brief entry about the man who\’s column was severed completely and Adam told him not to expect anything. However, the man DID start to have some slight sensations in his lower body. What are your thoughts?Take care!Shannon

  7. Colin says:

    Hey Anita,Your ACTS prayer does make sense. Seems to create a perfectly balanced prayer.Colin

  8. Colin says:

    Shannon,I actually haven\’t read Dream Healer I read Dream Healer 2. I just ordered the first one. Somehow it seems that spinal cord injuries are very tough to heal. You think it would be relatively easy for a skilled healer. I guess getting rid of disease such as cancer is easier than adding something such as nerves.Colin

  9. Anita says:

    Colin,I wish i could take credit for the Acts prayer, but actually Christ came up with it :-)As far as healing of the spinal cord injuries… I have been meditating on this subject for the last month.Things like cancer, AIDS and MS, seem so much unlike them. Yes, the prognossis is not so good, yet over and over I find sories of people that found a CURE.Not one story is the same… No magic potions… but the commin denominator is HOPE.What about the spinal cord. When it\’s severd, even just partially the signal form the brain does not get through… Right? This is the pathophisiology of it…So last night, while praying, a memory from childhood returned:Being in the Alps watching FIREWALKERS… Think about it Colin.No magick tricks there… No years of training in a Tibethan Temple. Just plain folks like you and I walking on fire, and their brain blocking the pain and the pathophisiology of it to a point of compleate lack of burns.If the human mind and spirit can block sensation of heat and burning, it HAS to be able to allow the exact reverse.What you think?

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