Cold Effects

I am wiped out.  For some reason the days I go swimming totally drains my energy.  I pushed my manual wheelchair for about 20 minutes, then went swimming, came back and shaved, then took a shower.  After getting back into my chair I seemed to barely be able to keep my eyes open and my body filled with chills.

If I could pick one small thing to change in my life right now I would have to pick overcoming my constant difficulty to regulate my body temperature.  I had mentioned in the previous entry that I’ve recently had a few days of down times.  I think one of the main reasons I began to fill down was the change in weather which went from sunny and warm, to slightly warm, cloudy and windy.  For a few days I was waking up cold, and staying cold throughout the day.  Some people might say, “so what, your cold, put on a jacket”.  But being cold nowadays is not comparable to the normal feeling of being cold that I used to experience.  When I get cold now, there’s no real way to overcome the feeling.  I could pile on layer after layer but it does no good.  I have found one way which seems to warm me up, sunshine.  Simply going outside and getting a good dose of sunshine suddenly boosts my energy and seems to leave me with a relatively long-lasting feeling of warmth.

Being warm versus cold may not seem like a big deal but these two physical states have serious effects on my emotional state.  When I’m warm I’m more likely to be energized, happy and motivated.  When I’m cold, I am much more likely to be low on energy, depressed and unmotivated.  Before my injury I loved the change of the seasons.  Summer offered a plethora of activities, swimming, hiking and vacations.  Fall was my favorite season of the year with the wonderful explosion of colors all over the mountainsides and the feeling of fresh, crisp air entering your lungs.  Winter did not depress me at all as I began to fantasize about the rush of speed I felt as I flew down the ski slopes.  Spring of course is impossible to not love.  The eruption of life all around you and a chance for new beginnings.  Now I find myself looking towards the near future with a very grim outlook.  I’m imagining long days with an internal cold which cannot be suppressed or reversed.  I’m imagining scarce motivation and low energy which leads to depression.

I’m asking the people out there to focus prayers on this specifically for right now.  I believe this aspect of my life affected by my injury is most harmful to my overall well-being.  I’m hoping I’ll stay warmer than last winter but if I do find as the season approaches that the temperature situation has not improved, I of course will press on to not let technicalities hinder my quest for creation.



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9 Responses to Cold Effects

  1. Tricia says:

    Hope you feel better Colin, you are in my prayers.

  2. Unknown says:

    I think you\’re not alone in the fact that the change of seasons affecting your mood. I hope that you can stay warm enough to be upbeat and not fall down into the darkness of that damn depression. Here\’s sending happy thoughts to you as the temperature begins to take a turn downward. I think you\’re in luck with the panthers. Green Bay sucks this year. My mom\’s not happy. Either is Bret Favre.roxanne

  3. Anita says:

    I\’ve been praying…

  4. Fat says:

    I agree with roxanne. Even though you are in a different situation than I am, I don\’t like the changing seasons any more myself.Living in the north isn\’t any help to this problem at all. If we\’re lucky we can three full months of real nice warm weather for summer. Even though everyone (except me) complains about how "hot" and/or "humid" it is the whole time (makes me mad). Then we go through what feels like six months of fall/winter because it\’s SO cold. Then spring never really wants to start on our calendar any more. Mother nautre always seems to have a different plan and spring ends up being more cold and rainy than what I remember in the past.I\’m not looking forward to the upcoming months either. I don\’t like the cold and though I may experience differently than you, I still don\’t like it. I always get depressed with the colder months. I\’ll send positive vibes your way if you send them may way as well ;).Take care,~ Fat chick

  5. Shannon says:

    Hi Colin,I can relate to your depression with the change of seasons. I HATE being cold. Living in the desert (Las Vegas), you get used to it being very hot or at least pretty darn warm most of the year (we are still having temperatures near 100 degrees). Although I am not in your situation, I too struggle with remaining upbeat during the colder days.You are in my thoughts as always.Shannon

  6. Colin says:

    Thanks for the comments. I was talking with my dad about some special lamps you can get. One is supposed to radiate light similar to that of sun and another actually emits ultraviolet light that will warm my skin. I\’m going to look into both of these options.Colin

  7. Unknown says:

    You just reminded me of the "Northern Exposure" episode(t.v. show back in the 90\’s) where one of the guys was wearing this visor type hat with one of those lights attached to it. Basically, he became addicted to it and was staying up all night even though there was only a few hours of sunlight each day. Very funny. I\’ve also seen where those lights can work very well for people in the darkness of wintertime. Hopefully you can find out about the heating one. That\’s new to me. Good luck.roxanne

  8. Lisa says:

    Hey Colin,Hope you are having a sunny day today. I can relate to the need for the sun. That is why I dislike Indiana so much. In the winter it is very depressing the sun does not shine for days. Florida it can be raining one minute and the sun shining the next. I will be praying for ya.Lisa

  9. Stuart says:

    Hi Colin. I live just north of you at Lake Norman. I am a firm believer that the changing seasons alter my mood. I am such summer person. I work full time in downtown Charlotte and if I don\’t get outside on my lunch hour and soak up some rays, you don\’t want to be around me. My mood is regulated by the sun and it\’s warmth. Tried going outside today at lunch in the 55 degree temp and it\’s just not the same as a warm 80 degree day. One of my best friends likes cold, rainy days and hates summer! Can you imagine that we are friends?Take care -Stuart

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