Interesting Day

Today has been a rather interesting day I must say.  The first half of the day was going pretty well.  I woke up feeling only semi cold and generally felt energized and happy.  I worked on my computer some earlier this morning and the second half of the morning I spent reading my latest book, “Dream Healer”.  It’s written by a Canadian teenager named Adam who is said to have a very rare gift of healing.  According to the book and other resources, his experiences in healing are what the Western culture would call miraculous and he has cured people of several types of cancer, fibromyalgia and other diseases.  My heart tells me this kid is the real deal but my head of course is on the lookout for a fraud.  He claims that his healing abilities are purely scientific and everything he does has scientific reasoning behind it.  He is supposedly able to tap into the quantum world of energy and use this energy to heal.  It is not his healing of cancer that really interests me, I’ve heard many stories of cancer miraculously disappearing, but it is a healing he once performed on himself a couple years ago.  While swimming his dad threw his sister up into the air and she came down upon Adams head fracturing a cervical vertebrae.  He slowly started becoming limp and numb and was barely able to pull himself out of the pool.  He laid down on the concrete and a horrific pain struck his neck much like I had the day of my accident.  He then used his healing abilities to fuse his fracture vertebrae and then bring down the swelling.  When the ambulance arrived he was up and walking around.  The doctors could only find a small mark on the bone where the fracture had been.

It has become a daily practice of mine to harness my own healing abilities and focus my energy on the regeneration of my nerves.  Just like each and everyone of us, I have the ability to heal, but God has not granted me with an extraordinary talent in this field at the present moment.  I feel like I am a dam of healing potential ready to burst forth at the turn of a switch.  If what Adam claims is true, I believe this young man could help me tremendously in focusing my energy towards the cause at hand.  Adam gets thousands of e-mails on a regular basis but I intend on writing him in the near future and if our collaboration is destined to be then it will be so.

Getting back to my interesting day, after reading I sat outside and meditated in the warm sun and fresh autumn wind.  After reading Dream Healer I felt energized, confident and ready to conquer.  A couple hours later my dad and I headed to the physician’s office to get our flu shots.  I don’t know what it is about shots that is so intimidating.  Sitting in the patients room, anticipating the event while staring down at the plastic apparatus which will inject fluid into my body just gives me the heeby jeebies.  I was a big boy though and managed to get through the experience.

From there we headed to the gym and while driving towards our destination found that people were acting quite strange on the road.  People just seemed to not be paying attention to what they were doing.  Must have been the weather or something.

Today’s goal at the gym was to use the FES bike but the goal was not easily accomplished.  Three times in a row the machine cut off, saying there was an open lead on my right quads.  Setting up to use the FES bike takes forever anyways so the continual cutting off of the machine was rather frustrating.  Finally we decided to try and change the electrodes which thankfully solved the problem.  I was beginning to think my muscles had pooped out on me, never to peddle again.

By the time I was off the bike and back into my chair it had been a little over two hours but our goal was accomplished.  From there I decided to do a few things in the weight room and yet another unexpected challenge presented itself.  My joystick was swung away and as I was bringing it back into the locked position it banged into the metal post of the rickshaw machine.  The lights immediately began flashing and my chair was out of commission.  Every now and then my chair has been doing this and it seems that simply plugging my chair into the charger resets whatever is going wrong.  Well, my charger was sitting comfortably at home so we had to decide on another option.  My dad and my frustrations collided into a loving argument, which is not too abnormal, on what we should do.  Despite my protest my dad ended up pushing me upstairs to try and find a charger.  It was rather embarrassing but we made it to the upstairs nursing station and found not one but two chargers.  After several tries the chair began to work and I sped off down the hallway before it had a chance to cut off again.  Right before I would reach the elevators my chair came to a sudden halt and was once again dead.  From there we gave up on reenergizing my wheels so my dad pushed me into the van, which was not easy, and we headed home.  Once there I sat in front of the TV for about an hour juicing up the machine but it was still to no avail.  The chair would seem like it was working, I would let out a sigh of relief, then it would die again.  I was not a happy camper.  Somehow, for reasons unknown, after messing around with some wires the power came on and has stayed on for the past hour and a half.

My wheelchair retailer has been trying to fix this problem for the past month or so.  Looks like they’re probably going to have to replace the whole joystick.  Hopefully I won’t get stranded anywhere else in the meantime.

The second half of this day did not flow smoothly but I’m still alive. 

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3 Responses to Interesting Day

  1. Shannon says:

    Colin,I thought of you when I read that part in Dream Healer a few weeks ago. I, too, found that very interesting that he was able to heal himself. It seemed so strange that he was able to get out of the pool before he could not move. I remember him saying it was the most difficult healing he has ever had to do. I was also intrigued by the letter from the man who was a quad…after 20 some years, he was starting to have some sensation in various parts of his body. In today\’s society, there are so many frauds, so it is only natural to be suspicious. But it just seems as if this kid has done way too much to be a fraud. I say go for it…contact Adam and see what comes out of it. I wish you all the best, as always!Take care!Shannon

  2. Unknown says:

    Hopefully something comes of contacting Adam. It seems cliche-ish but miracles do happen. You just never know. And like you said, if it is meant to be then it is meant to be(not a direct quote).roxanne

  3. Patricia says:

    Wow -quite a day! i\’m having trouble sleeping, photoshoot tomorrow that I can\’t mess up and having some low self-esteem on several levels. It will be okay. I haven\’t heard of Dream Healer or Adam. i\’m great at getting in touch with people since my work requires me to do it all the time – so let me know if you want me to help in any way. I love how you went outside to meditate and enjoy the warm sun and fresh breeze – there is a lot of healing in that. I love to do that myself – it frees my mind up.Back to Adam -I always wonder about frauds and am skeptical – but somehow sometimes it interests me who much they believe in their own selves. I think there is great power in believing in your own strengths. (this from the girl suffering from low-self esteem) – but you know what I mean. I was amazed at my body after my brain injury and the way it sort of instinctually knew what it needed -even when I was so sick that I didn\’t know. My mind was so free that I just did what my body wanted and followed it – that makes no sense really but I can\’t explain. But in a way my body was just so instinctual about healing that it was sort of amazing in a way. Like it is kind of built into us if we listen closely. My best to you – patti

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