Letter to Adam

Here is my letter I composed to Adam, the dream healer.  www.dreamhealer.com

There are a lot of phonies out there but I believe this kid may be the real deal.  There may be a great deal of skeptics out there but what is the harm in leaving no stone unturned.



Dear Adam,

My name is Colin ******* and I live in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Over the past two weeks I’ve been pondering what exactly to say in this e-mail.  As I lay in bed at night sentences run circles around my conscience as I try and discern how to grab your attention or how to make myself seem worthy of your efforts.  In the end I realize all I can do is be truthful and honest, describe what I’ve gone through and continue to go through, and if the cosmic forces of this universe want us to collaborate than it will be so.

The fate you escaped the day your neck snapped in the swimming pool, is unfortunately a fate I was unable to avoid.  On July 10 of 2004, I dove into a mountain stream in the mountains of Tennessee and my C4 vertebrae shattered upon impact of the water.  A friend managed to pull my lifeless body from the depths of a swimming hole and at the age of 21 a new life began.  A life which feels like a dream I have yet to wake up from.  A life I know is real so I continue to do all I can to create my destiny despite tragedy, but thoughts cannot escape me of what could have been or what could be if a restoration of physical capability occurred.

I’m classified as an incomplete, ASIA-B, C-5 quadriplegic.  I do not know how much knowledge of the spinal cord injury you have but being classified as an ASIA-B incomplete means I have sensation in the rectal area.  This is very promising to anyone who suffers from an SCI because this means signals are traveling down the spinal cord, past the level of injury, and successfully arriving at the dead end of the nervous system.  Over the past year and a half various trace muscle movements and sensations have returned all over my body, notifying me that signals are indeed reaching muscle groups on practically every single region of the spinal cord.  None of these trace signals however have led to any significant strength improvement.

To try and reach the full capacity of my physical recovery I’ve dedicated myself to the effort over the past year and a half by participating in intense physical rehabilitation, turning to the mysterious power of God, as well as exploring all avenues of mind-body healing and the untapped potential of healing energy all humans contain.  I have been doing various types of meditation I would say for about eight months now and since reading your books have begun doing visualization techniques.  I have been doing the visualization’s for two months now.

The overall awareness I have of my body and the feeling I have in my heart leads me to believe that the healing potential present inside of me is very strong.  It’s as if with the flick of a switch a dam of physical regeneration would burst forth, spreading from limb to limb awakening a body dying to be revived.  My meditations seem to be somewhat effective for during certain sittings I’ve noticed increased sensation and certain muscles will fire and twitch.  So far these effects have been temporary and short lasting, which brings me to the reason why I and probably so many others write you.  I believe that with your abilities to harness the quantum field of energy you may be able to help direct my own healing potential and somehow bring down this barrier which is preventing an outpour of signals from traveling from my brain to their destination and back again.

I would love to once again walk but I know happiness can be found whether I walk again or not.  I feel lucky to be alive, I feel lucky to be a C-5 and not a C4, I feel lucky to be an incomplete injury, and I feel lucky to have a supporting and loving family.  I don’t know why I should deserve your help more than any other person.  There’s a tremendous amount of suffering occurring in the world today and I by far am not at the bottom of the totem pole.  I remember you saying that you choose to help the people you think you can help the most.  I think I may be one of those people but that is up to fate to decide.

 As I read your books I did not feel insignificant as I learned about your life or feel like you are one to be worshiped as a divine gift to mankind.  I saw you as a young man much like myself who I could be friends with.  A year and a half ago I was an extremely athletic, energetic and outgoing young man determined to finish my Biology major, discover meaning behind my life and achieve great things.  I will still achieve great things no matter what, but I write to you now so that every opportunity in my life may be seized, and in the hopes that someone I’ve never met before might possibly lend a helping hand.  Even the slightest bit of recovered strength could significantly improve my overall quality of life.

 Your web site said to keep e-mails brief and I’m sorry for not complying.  When I begin writing it is hard to stop.  The web site also said to apply your recommendations to my situation.  I am not sure if I have done so but I assure you I’m trying all methods available as long as it does not involve surgery.  I’m trying my hardest to deal with all psychological issues that may be having an impact.  This is not always easy when you are 22 years old and completely dependent on your parents.

Visit my web site to learn more about me.  www.ColinsOdyssey.com

I will attach a recent photograph as well.

If this e-mail ever rests upon your eyes, thank you for all that you do and the time you so unselfishly commit to the betterment of this world.



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2 Responses to Letter to Adam

  1. Patricia says:

    You gotta heart of GOLD. E-mail me I have an idea if you want: pattibayphoto@yahoo.com or click on e-mail thing-patti

  2. Unknown says:

    Good morning Colin,Your letter is perfect. Like you said, it may not have been short, but when you need to get everything out, sometimes you\’ve just gotta let it flow…I looked at Adam\’s site, it looks like he\’s getting pretty popular. I hope he can help you Colin, it does seem like he genuinely wants to help people. Until you hear from him, just keep doing what you\’ve been doing, it seems to be working for you. You said that you\’ve had some muscle movement and sensation, but no real strength improvement. I think the fact that you have sensation is huge, it hasn\’t been 2 years yet since your accident, so there\’s a lot of time for that strength to come back. And as an incomplete injury, it\’s very possbile. When ever you have those moments where you feel like you should just accept your fate as a quadriplegic, think about a man named Patrick Rummerfield. He is the world\’s first fully recovered quadriplegic. FULLY RECOVERED. After his accident, it took him 17 years, (I know that sounds like an eternity) but he re-learned how to walk, and use his hands. Please look him up…put the phrase "world\’s first fully recovered quadriplegic" into yahoo or google search, and you\’ll find lots of news articles about him. What\’s even more amazing is that his injury was C3/C4, worse than yours, and he still made a full recovery. When you get into those funks where you think you\’re being "weak" for holding onto hope, just look at what this man did, and know that you can do the same thing. Like I said in my first post on your site, hope is good, I\’d worry about you if you gave up hope. And just a side note…I don\’t think I\’ve ever seen a mohawk look so natural on someone…it\’s not exactly an easy haircut to pull off, but you sure do..!!I hope you hear from Adam soon…Andrea

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