Thank you to everyone who joined in on the session yesterday.  The feeling I got during the session was different than the previous two and afterwards I felt a little disappointed.  The warm fuzzy feeling was not as intense but there were several positive effects I noticed which I’m trying to focus on more so than what I didn’t feel.  I’m not going to go into the specifics because I’ve decided not to go into as much detail when discussing my experiences with Adam.  This is not going to be easy for me because I always tend to be very forthright and honest about what’s going on in my life, but I’m realizing lately that this isn’t always appropriate.  Don’t worry, I will continue to let you all know about any physical changes I experience.

I plan on trying to organize a gathering of consciousness sometime soon.  I have been brainstorming the idea over the past couple of days and I would like to shift the focus away from me and have the goal lean towards the healing and wellness of all who are involved.  It would be much more rewarding to have the effort focus on others rather than just myself.  My own personal well-being should not be my goal, it should be the well-being of all.

Onto other news, I’ve scheduled Bob for a total of 32 hours next week.  The CAP program began to give me a hard time about not having a set schedule so I decided to go ahead and take the plunge and maximize the amount of help I’m getting.  In the beginning I was trying to get used to having a stranger help me out during my day-to-day life and was going to slowly integrate him more and more.  I’ve changed tactics now and I’m fully inviting Bob into my private life so that the chips may fall where they may.  Bob will be coming in shortly after I wake up Monday through Wednesday and staying throughout the afternoon.  When he is not needed he will simply occupy himself until his help is needed.  At first I thought this was rather strange but I now realize that this is simply how the program works for people like me.  On Thursdays and Fridays Bob’s days will be shortened to four hours.

Once again I believe this is a step I need to take and even though it does not feel like much of a step towards independence now, I may feel differently in the future.  Although my parents may not like to hear it, the less that they personally do for me, the more independent I will feel.

My main focus at the present moment is to bring myself back towards the art of meditation, something I seem to have strayed from recently.  I do so because I feel like a cluttering of my mind is taking place and I need to cleanse this traffic jam by bringing myself back to my spiritual essence within my heart.  I’m also going to be focusing a lot on my healing visualizations and embracing the spirit of Christmas.  Oh what a wonderful time of the year!

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4 Responses to Thanks

  1. Patricia says:

    Hey Colin – I understand and respect your desire to keep your experiences private and personal with Adam – I was thinking too that the healing which he is providing may not be felt immediately – but in moments. Your body is an amazing collaboration of so many cells. I think too that generally an overall feeling of healing for all is fabulous. I tend to do this at some point during the day when all is quiet -think of everyone and how much I love them and send them a bit of that love. It sounds like you are getting somewhat used to Bob – It seems that at first you felt like you had to sort of keep him busy or entertained like a guest – I\’m glad you realize that you don\’t have to do that. Your friendship with him will grow to in its own time and way, he is your assistant. I\’ve been an assistant to people at companies and was at their command, I know it is different as yours is more personal, anyway I became friends with some of my bosses and others less close – all good- sometimes I was a bettter assistant the less close I was in friendship with the person – for some reason things seemed more straight forward.I love Tolle. I love the way he makes things "simpler" and make sense. I feel comforted everytime I read him. I also find his thoughts tender and definately from a good place. I hope that you keep a journal as well as this blog, Colin, I think that you have had an emotional journey that is definately something amazing. I hope that you know how much you share as far as your wisdom and spirit. Thank you for that. Best always – patti

  2. Unknown says:

    Hi Colin-It sounds like what you want to do is organize what I would call a "Healing Circle". Below is a description of one that takes place weekly. Maybe you can use some of the ideas for your gathering.——————————————————————-This is an Open Circle. Anyone w/ need or interest in participation, come join us. ~~POST ANYONE NAMED OR UN-NAMED~~ There are people in dire need of nourishing, loving, healing energies; any time you can dedicate is wonderful!Do what you feel comfortable doing (chant, prayer, dance, drumming, dedication of service) with the intention of *Healing* those in need and yourself.Perform your working with us tonight or later, according to your schedule.(Tonight?: 6 PM to MIDNIGHT a 6 hour window so most can attend.Not tonight?: a minute during that 6 hour window to center and set the intention by dedicating an activity to perform the next day.) May we All Be BlessedFriday, Venus’ Day (goddess day)Moon: Just now waxing in Sag., which is v/c until 7:41 PM CST.

  3. Shannon says:

    Hey Colin!You gotta do what feels best for you…so if that means not talking about it, then so be it!I had a very interesting session last night with an Indian medicine woman. My husband wanted me to go because he is having a hell of a time getting through the separation. Anyway…what a powerful woman and what a powerful session. The stories this lady told about her life. I thought of you just because of the kind of person she is and her emphasis on spiritual healing and whatnot. She had a pet wolf running around the house! A truly remarkable woman. Told me how she has pierced herself and made the blood stop flowing instantly because she has learned to control every aspect of her physical being. The guy who was in session with her right before us was carrying a copy of "What the Bleep"…of course, also thought of you then!Take care and best of luck as always!Shannon

  4. Patricia says:

    Hey Colin – I love photographing so much -how much mobility do you have in your arms/hands -I see you pushing a wheelchair in one of the shots I think – can you photo? If needed adaptions I have this idea. Anyway, I love photography – let me know if you are interested. p.

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