Needless Suffering

The flow of emotions we all experience, the ups and downs, curves and ruts seems to be so inescapable and complex.  In an instant without even understanding why, you suddenly emerge from the depths of a funk to once again breathe the fresh air of contentment.  Then the very next moment, you’re back in a rut not knowing the cause or the path that brought you there.

It is known to me and a few others in this world that most human suffering is caused by an endless barrage of thoughts.  Needless, implacable, selfish, consuming thoughts.  To end suffering one must simply get rid of them.  Can you close your eyes and not think?  It is a wonderful feeling.  But human drama seems to inevitably rear its ugly head, stick out its tongue and wrestle you to the ground.  For a moment you may fight off the beast, but eventually muscles grow weak, fatigue sets in and we are out for the count.  Once again we are submerged in a world that only exists because we created it and continues to exist because it is said to be simply part of life.  Which may be true.  What reason would we have to search for that peaceful presence within if it were not for human drama which in turn causes suffering?  What would the world be like if the entire human population suddenly discovered their consciousness?  People would no longer be striving to achieve things for themselves.  There would be no competition because no one would care about winning.  Seems like a perfect utopia, but would one realize what they had without the comparison to suffering?

It is an interesting topic to ponder.  Asking these questions and dedicating oneself to the search for understanding may not be as frustrating as one thinks.  Many times I ask myself why I burden myself asking such questions and striving for a sense of peace which can barely be imagined?  I believe the key is to not beat myself up over the times when suffering pins me to the ground and to accept the suffering as motivation to strive forward.  The task is still not an easy one and it takes dedication to believe that I am suffering needlessly and it is possible to unfold the answers behind my life. 

The easiest thing to do when suffering emerges is to cover up the suffering with noise, anything that temporarily takes away the pain and stuffs it down inside.  Like a fungus however, the pain grows within the damp shadows and as soon as the noise is turned off the pain has ripened, emerging with the foulest of odors.  It takes extreme dedication to realize when the pain has arisen, fight the urge to turn up the volume of noise and shift consciousness within, pushing the suffering to the surface, being rid of it with an explosion of light and consciousness.  This dedication not only allows suffering to come and go with the wind but it creates a connection to the universe which we are all connected to and a part of as one.  To have the strength to continually look within for the answers takes the power away from your surroundings and brings it within.  Suddenly you have control over your life and you contain the possibilities to create and manifest all of your desires.  Each time the volume of noise is increased, this power weakens, but each time light of consciousness overcomes the noise, the power grows.  The dim light which is your spirit, expands until there’s nothing left but love, peace and compassion.  Realization comes like the birth of the first dawn and suffering can no longer be comprehended.  Everything makes sense but cannot be explained, only understood through experience.  There is no need to explain because the peace you feel is explanation enough.  There are no cares, no worries and nothing to dwell over.  Light, glory, and love is seen everywhere and in everything.  To rise above thought, suffering, and ego and discover heaven on earth may be what it means to truly reach salvation.

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3 Responses to Needless Suffering

  1. Manda says:

    You might not agree with me, or you might take it as a sincere compliment, but I think you are a genious. That piece of literature was the truest form of self realization I have ever had the pleasure of seeing. It was an absolute delight to read that. I just wanted you to know.

  2. Patricia says:

    Colin – brillant entry and so true. I will come to read it here often. It is a reminder. I have started to become aware that love and compassion and that place within is so resiliant and amazing and filled with beauty. It is like seeing freshly. That gulp of air that brings us peace is like taking in life and feeling its great expanse filled with so much possiblity for something so amazing. I struggle to find it as you talk about here and am always surprised when I feel it. Even in my darkest hours I find that I can tap into it. I find that a huge comfort and blessing. I also too believe that the darkness motivates one to seek that light inside. I often get frustrated and flustered and the next moment surprise those around me by an internal shift. I love the way that you wrote this. The way you put things into words seems to come straight from your heart and there is beautiful elegance in that – an elegance and grace. Truly you have an amazing spirit. I wish the whole world could read this entry. All your entries. This is not meant to be a compliment that applies any pressure but rather relieve it – when you speak from your heart as you have here – you open the hearts of those who read it. My best to you always – patti

  3. Ms. says:

    Wow, Colin,the whole last paragraph , were you talk about noise and going within. This is like a description/prescription of true meditation. There can truly be communion with the creator this way.Finding truth is no easy task. The path ebbs and flows wildly sometimes. I am grateful for you sharing your journey here.

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