Change, No Change

I thought I was going to write about some changes that were about to occur in my life, but instead today everything completely fell apart.  I have been working with my aid for two or three months now and things have been going relatively smoothly.  It’s a shame but many times I feel like there are so many things in my life which I cannot write about in my blog.  I have not been writing about the dynamic between my aid and I because of the thought in the back of my head that he could quite possibly be reading this.  My Colins Odyssey site has been mentioned several times in front of him.  Even now, I’m second-guessing everything that I say.  I’m sure my current aid would not disagree with me that our personalities are quite different as well as the time of our births.  He is a really great person but our personalities don’t seem to quite click.


Anyways, he cut back his hours to half days so I have been looking for a replacement.  I found a guy who worked with a quadriplegic for over a year and seemed absolutely perfect for the job.  There was one catch however, he didn’t have a license.  It was rather a Catch-22 situation because in order to get his license back, he needed insurance, and in order to get insurance, he needed money, and in order to get money he needed a job.  I decided to hire him anyways, thinking that he could ride the bus here, make some money in a couple of weeks and then get his license situation straightened out.  Once I made the decision, my present aid conveniently quit because he was moving to Atlanta.


Today my new nursing supervisor, working with a different agency came over to set up my care plan.  Once she arrived the first thing she told me was that my new aid was not going to be able to help me because of the bus schedule.  I was totally bummed out because I had actually grown excited about the new change.  I went ahead and did the care plan because I figured I might as well in case they found someone else or it ended up working out with the previous guy.


After she left I called the agency I’ve been working with to tell them that I was still available and found out that my current aid is no longer moving to Atlanta.  So no change at the moment.  I could use some change, I’m getting kind of bored.

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6 Responses to Change, No Change

  1. Shannon says:

    Hey Colin,
    I can imagine your frustration.  Its so hard to find a good working relationship with someone.  You have to really be able to count on that person.  Ive been through some crap with my assistants in my classrooms and its very hard to find a good one!
    Hang in there!
    Take care!

  2. Patricia says:

    I don\’t know much about this. I hope that you find someone that you can be comfortable with. I wouldn\’t worry about writing out some things – maybe if they are too personal than maybe write them out and see how you feel about them on a word document- maybe share them with the assistant – he might not know or might like the suggestions. I recently was completely frustrated with this sofa guest of mine and my friend just asked me – well why don\’t you tell him the things that bother you – I swear that they seem too many and ridiculous, but I honestly have to say that short of just locking the door for good, they are worth a shot addressing.
    I just wrote a blog called "change" -I swear I think we are on some sort of vibey wavelength somehow – similar things have happened before – we probably are the same astrological sign or something. Good luck on the assistant front. Best to ya – keep dreaming big – patti 

  3. Patricia says:

    Yeah, we don\’t write about the same things necessarily but sometimes I\’ll write a title or something then visit your site right afterwards and be like ah, man he\’s gonna think I took his title idea or somthing!! Cracks me up! I was writting late last night or early morning however you want to look at it – I actually went to the grocery store at 3 am something and got this weekends groceries and such in the middle of the night!! Then was up for awhile and then napped and now have an event to photo. Strange sort of two days in one.
    I really hope that today was better in finding out an answer to the assitant changes and questions. My best, patti

  4. Anita says:

    Dear Colin,
    I am sorry to say but this kid of thing might happen to you more then once.
    The personal assistants are frequent to change unless you where lucky enough to find one from a differnt country… Someone that is already here but is looking for a job.
    My good friend that had ALS had a poish girls staying with him and she actually was a doctor.
    I will assume that you prefer a male, but femailes are much more loyal and much more likely to give you the needed attention.
    I did home health for a while so I cconsider myself sort of an expert.
    Remember though that God does not close one door with out opening another for us… and I know that peratty soon you will find someone that will become the extra pair of hands that you really need.
    In the meantime my thoughts and prayers are with you,

  5. Patricia says:

    How\’s it going?? Hope you are well. – patti

  6. Shannon says:

    Hey Colin!
    Just wanted to stop by and say hello! 
    Take care!

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