I have come to the conclusion that one can know all there is to know about something, an ideal, belief, or guideline of living, but this intellect on the matter means nothing until it is fully realized.  In my own life for example, I can learn all there is to know about living in the present moment.  I can know what it feels like, the steps you have to take to get there, and how to keep yourself there, but until this concept comes to me through realization, through a moment in time in which it makes absolute sense, without the need of intellect, the knowledge gained is in a sense quite useless. 

Knowledge of such matters helps a great deal, but knowledge can only get you so far.  My knowledge of how to live a peaceful life allows me to become more and more aware of my thoughts, actions and emotions.  It allows me to step outside of the madness of the mind and be in somewhat control of my true self, keep me in check if you will, but until the realization of peace is found that peace will not be lived.

I’m not trying to sound pessimistic here but the acknowledged difference between understanding and realization actually helps to ease my frustration as I continue over and over again to think I have certain aspects of my life all figured out only to have it all thrown up in smoke.  There is no reason to beat myself up over a matter because I believe I know all there is to know yet continue to feel stuck, because I know that realization is the only way to overcome a barrier of the mind which only happens through the Grace of God.

I bring up this matter because of some recent accounts I read in a book on the Dalai Lama.  I read about some Tibetian monks who were kept captive by the Chinese and put through horrendous experiences, but despite all they were going through they somehow remained at peace without bitterness or hatred.  They did this by simply forgiving the Chinese for what they were doing and actually having compassion for them.  By not blaming the wrongdoers but forgiving them, they rid themselves of the hatred that if consumed would drive them mad within the walls of their cells.  In the most horrible of circumstances, the monks chose peace, they chose happiness.

I’ve heard many times that it is possible to choose happiness no matter what circumstances we are in.  I understood it intellectually but it was never really realized.  After reading about these monks and then meditating on the subject, I suddenly came to a mini realization concerning the possibilities of choosing happiness.  I pondered that if one can choose peace in the midst of torture then it really is possible.  One must fully accept wholeheartedly the situation, rid themselves of any bitterness and then let the peace reside.  The acceptance cannot be understood and you can’t be aware of the bitterness, you must realize the acceptance and the absence of negativity and then realize the peace and happiness that remains.

My realization was that I can choose happiness, something I understood before but never realized.  Now have I realized the actual presence of happiness and a complete absence of bitterness?  I doubt it, but I feel quite close.

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7 Responses to Realization

  1. Patricia says:

    interesting I see what you mean I think. In the presence of certain people I feel uncomfortable not being happy. I act happy and somehow I become happy. The other day I was sitting on the sofa and I thought, I am sad, no I am happy, no I feel sad, happy etc.  and I felt my feelings shift as I thought alternatively back and forth – I guess that is why sometines I do a grateful list. It helps with perspective and rational thinking and keeps me from snowballing the negative.
    There is also a book called, "Learned Optimism" I read it years ago gosh maybe in high school – it is an interesting study – I don\’t remember much I need to read again. Forgivenness is peaceful. It lets the heart soar and it is hard to do sometimes – it requires it seems a sense of a lack of ego or ability to see a situatuion as connected which seems to allow for compassion.
    I had a terrible dream today and it shook me up. I am trying to shake it off and let it go without having such a huge effect on my outlook and mood as it surprised me so much. I know that the impression of it is fresh and once I gain perspective and some emotional distance from it that it won\’t hurt so badly. Odd dream!
    I\’m glad that you are realizing happiness and the ability to chose it is working for you. It is interesting and thanks for sharing it. I\’m so glad for you. -patti

  2. Patricia says:

    🙂 Cool! -patti

  3. evencastles says:

    Greetings from Shanghai.

  4. KATIE says:

    I am very excited for you for your new realization! Its great to have something like this happen to you that you can feel deep within. Thank you for sharing this new revelation with us all! I bet it felt great to see the words as a remind of your success!!Take Care,K

  5. Shannon says:

    I read a book once called "Happiness is a Choice" by Barry Kaufman.  I cant say it was one of the more outstanding books I have ever read, but your post made me think of it.  Barry and his wife had a son who was diagnosed with a severe case of autism, and they were told he would need to be institutionalized eventually.  Barry and his wife made the choice to accept their son for who he was, and developed a certain therapy technique for working with him.  Their son was eventually considered to have \’recovered\’ from autism.  Whether or not the kid was truly autistic, I dont know.  But he is a fully functioning individual now.  But his book, "Happiness Is a Choice" is about some sessions he did with different people and walking them through their problems and their feelings…helping them to realize why they felt the way they did about certain things and getting them to let go of the negativity.
    Hope you had a great weekend!

  6. Patricia says:

    Hope you are doing great! Just stopping by to say hello – I just woke up in the middle of the night from sleeping practically all day – I\’ve been so tired! Hope you are doing well. My best, patti

  7. Amelie says:

    I\’ve read a couple of the Dalai Lama\’s books and with every entry of urs i read i find myself thinking of those books and of Buddhism. spirituality, peace of mind, compassion, understanding, acceptance… ever think of reading up on Buddhism?

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