Defeating the Enemy

Only a few weeks after defeating the enemy, the bacteria reorganized and once again laid claim over my bladder.  Not exactly sure how it happened nor am I ever, but after a couple of nights of lack of sleep, and literally pushing myself hard at rugby practice, I awoke the next morning with the feeling of bladder spasms.  I tend to think that I sometimes get UTI’s when I overdo it physically leaving my body’s defense systems weak and prone to attack.  I had a good strong run there for a little while, five or six months of an infection free bladder, after my friend Andy informed me of cranberry pills.  I thought these pills had some kind of magical power or something but unfortunately the magic has run out as I now have my second urinary infection in the past month.

I wanted to take no chances this time so I immediately made an appointment with the doctor so I could get the real magic pills, antibiotics.  I figured I really did not want to experience the extreme pain of dysreflexia ever again so I decided even though I am very much anti-medication, going ahead and trying to nip this in the bud was the best idea.  I felt pretty crappy all day yesterday and last night was pretty rough, but I’m feeling okay now and so far no dysreflexia, only spasms and an overall feeling of being sick in general.  I’m hoping that these urinary infections are not going to start becoming common occurrence again.  It’s important that I maintain a proper fluid intake to prevent them.  If I drink too much and do not cath often enough, the urine will back up into my kidneys and infect me that way.  While if I drink too little, my body will not properly flush out bacteria and what not which build up in my bladder.  My life is a constant balancing act.

On the upside, spring seems to be in full swing now.  I am once again thoroughly enjoying entering my hippie zone as I wander around outside observing life and my surroundings.  The most noticeable occurrence has been the maple trees attempts to take over the world by cleverly scattering its seeds across the landscape by some sort of a helicopter device.  With a gust of wind hundreds of brown featherlike blades swirl through the air carrying its seed to a spot of possible germination.  Now if they could only figure out a way to burrow into the soil, there would be no stopping them.  Who knows what evolution will bring.

I’m not exactly sure why taking notice of the details of the moment brings such peace.  When I tune into the moment and observe all there is to see, it’s as if I am being let in on something that no one else knows about.  There’s so many thousands of different images, lights, and patterns which seem to be only visible to me.  The way the light shimmers against the leaves as the wind blows.  The lizard sunbathing on the wooden railing.  The patterns the newly emerging grass is taking upon the surface of the earth.  The clouds, and their wondrous display of natural art against the sky.  These are just a few of the thousands of details I can take note of at any given moment and in each of those details is a thousand more of which I can discover.  I would like to start drawing so I can try and display what all these details look like through my eyes.

I soon plan on signing up for a couple of summer courses at the local community college.  I’m not really trying to focus on any particular subject matter but would like to try and just get back into the swing of things.  Get used to being in class again, doing homework and all that jazz.  I’m thinking about possibly taking a Religions of the World course and a Spanish class.  I foresee it being somewhat tough for the fact that at the moment I try and accomplish one big thing each day, it usually being working out.  Accomplishing  this one task usually leaves me pretty tired and with school I’ll probably be trying to accomplish two or three large tasks during a day.  Along with school I’ll also be trying to continue my workouts, water ski, and play rugby.  It’ll be interesting to see how my energy holds up.

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8 Responses to Defeating the Enemy

  1. Patricia says:

    Colin! I\’m so excited for you! Sounds like so many things are going well with the exception of UTI which I hope is going away quickly since you caught it so quick. Drawing sounds wonderful – anything to capture the magic that you see – your writing about it is beautiful as well – I felt as if I got to see from your eyes. Maple trees – lizards – really there are lizards there? I haven\’t spent much time in parts of the South.  Actually, never seen a lizard in my life. Do they bite? School will be okay – somehow the energy level is different with school I noticed for myself…there is order and a symmetry to the layout of a class that makes it less tiring than other activities. What wore me out was more the act of getting there and back than actually the courses – art school following my injury was a blessing – it helped me feel independent and working towards something in a time frame that was designated was rewarding. I couldn\’t be happier for you! You learn so much so quickly about yourself and things around you. It has been amazing to watch you learn and your writing about it. Congratulations on everything. 🙂 You shine! -patti
    p.s. figured out the photo shoot tonight. i\’m exhausted – i was surprised it turned out pretty neat.

  2. Shannon says:

    Hey Colin,
    Im sure getting back into taking classes will be wonderful for you.  Not to mention, think of all the chicks you could meet!
    I wish you all the best, as always!

  3. J-Anderson says:

    Hi Colin, For some reason I was meant to read your blog today. I was sitting outside yesterday cause it was a beautiful day in Wisconsin. I live in a building that has 79 apartments. Its an elderly and handicapped building, I am in a wheelchair from some hip problems that can no longer be fixed. I was so enjoying the day just watching the birds and squirrels and a couple of Chipmunks who thought they were a comedy act. They were trying to haul all the bread pieces that someone had tossed out for the birds and squirrels, to their place I think. One would start out carrying a large piece and the other chipmunk would attack him and try and take it away so they would wrestle for bread piece till it broke in parts they could both manage. I was cracking up at those two. But you talking about what you can see that I\’m sure alot of people miss when they are outside is so true. Soon friends started joining me and I know they meant well but I wasn\’t lonely. I was fully enjoying nature do its thing. It can be so peaceful for us to just enjoy our time in the sun. Take care, I wish you Peace, Joan

  4. Patricia says:

    Was wondering how you are and wanted to say hello! Hello! 🙂 How is everything going? I hope well and that you are enjoying the better weather. A bird just built a nest in a dried flower wreath that hangs on my front door today – she built it in one day and I was amazed by that – pretty cool. It is a big nest but I\’m trying to figure out how not to stress momma bird out everytime someone comes to the door or I go out!
    I hope that you had a great day and that things are well and UTI is all gone. Sending positive thoughts your way. Dream grande! -patti

  5. Patricia says:

    Just checking in – hope you write an entry soon – no pressure  🙂 just hoping that you are doing well and wondering what you are up to. Best to ya – patti oops I just wrote yesterday – sorry it was a long day with a nap in the middle it feels like weeks since I\’ve visited!! ha! No sense of time 🙂 – patti

  6. Patricia says:

    Glad you are doing well 🙂 Have missed reading about your days – you have taught me much and I owe you for that; your philosophy about life in general has helped me to make positive changes in my life. I thank you dearly for that – best to you – patti

  7. Tina says:

    Hey Colin,
    First let me apologize that I have not been around much lately.  I have been lurking a little in your blog but not commenting and that’s mostly because I usually have so many thoughts running thru my head after I read your blogs that I almost cant put them down on paper.  I do see a little change in you lately as compared to a few months ago.  It sounds like you are really willing to get yourself back out into the world and do things that people your age are doing – going to school, working out, hanging out with friends, watching movies.  But its also great that you can take the time to stop and notice what’s going on around you and be able to find joy in that.  Most people don’t have the ability to do that.
    What I love about your writing is that we are seeing the thought process that you are going thru to get you emotionally from one place to another.  And its something that I totally relate to.  It was interesting to read in your last blog about “suffering all being a matter of perception”.  There are so many things that you write about and feel that I want to say, “I totally know what you mean.”, but I don’t want to sound like I am minimizing what you are dealing with, you know.  My demon is this eating disorder that is rearing its ugly head lately.  Its something that I have struggled with my entire life and something that is in my head and my thoughts almost every minute of every day.  It exhausts me and yet I can’t seem to get rid of it.  To the outside world I probably look like I have the perfect life, yet I can’t get this obsession out of my brain.  I guess my point is that the process that you are going thru to deal with things in your life are much the same as the thought process that I am going thru as well – except that I don’t think that I am doing as good a job.  I hope this all makes sense.
    And thank you for your comment about church and religion on my blog.  I will get that book that you recommended.  I do want my girls to ultimately seek out things for themselves, but their interest in doing that is largely going to come from the base that they get from me.  It is an overwhelming responsibility.
    So how is your relationship with your Dad lately if you don’t mind me asking?  I hope that the fact that you haven’t written much about that lately means that things are going well.
    Whew…..this was a long one.  Hope you come back and blog soon!

  8. carrynne says:

    I am a young mother of a 4 year old paraplegic boy. my son was born with cancer on his spine that made him paraplegic from birth. My husband and I struggle raising him since we know no one in a wheelchair. my son is battling uti\’s himself…they are now coming on about every month. He is very proud of his chair and all he can do but he also has his hard times with other kids. he just went through a time of being very angry and upset…..things are just hitting him hard.
     i am thanking  you for writing what you have it helped me understand some things. we can relate to the outdoors hiking we have been there many times with him..places that just dont accomidate his chair.
     i saw your blogging posted on msn thats how i found this
     -thankyou- carrie

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