Life Will Go On

I thought my urinary tract infection days were over after my visit to the urologist a couple weeks ago.  They assured me that my frequent UTI probably was due to increased pressure within my bladder.  They filled my bladder up to the brim with water and observed the reactions.  Sure enough my bladder is more spastic than it used to be, so they put me on a stronger bladder relaxant which in turn would cut down on my infections.

I woke up this morning feeling very unmotivated.  My seven o’clock wakeup time came and went, and my keester wasn’t in the chair until around eight o’clock.  Before my 11:30 class would take place I had to take care of some gruesome spinal cord maintenance issues.  Nothing serious, just the morning routine that most everyone else takes for granted.  Sleepy eyed but relaxed I strolled into my classroom for some good old knowledge absorption.

I began to perk up a little bit as I got into the class discussion about Taoism when suddenly I felt an all too familiar feeling in my groin area.  It starts off with a chill that spreads throughout my body.  I tell myself its not going to happen, not again.  I try and distract my mind, focusing on anything else but the sensations proceed.  I feel my penis contract and a pressure in my lower abdomen coincides.  The more I think about it, the worse it gets and eventually I give in.

I left the classroom early as my focus had completely disappeared.  I was very angry at the time considering I’ve gotten a UTI every month for the past five months.  Every time I get one it seems my life comes to a halt and I sit at home waiting for the sensations to get beyond my tolerance, calling a parent to come and drain my bladder for brief relief.  I have a lot planned for this week including class, volunteering, working out, some tennis, swimming and the activity I’ve been waiting for since the beginning of the summer, waterskiing.  I’ve missed out on waterskiing the past three weeks and have been desperately wanting to get out there but certain volunteers were not at my disposal.

After I got home and underwent the appropriate measures to relieve myself, I decided I was not going to let my life come to a halt this time.   Ignoring the negative outcomes I changed into my bathing suit and headed off to meet my therapist at the pool.  I just bought my own life preserver and want to get comfortable in the water before waterskiing.  On the way to the pool I began to think that maybe it was a bad idea being that my bladder was already acting up again.  But I kept on and once in the water I really enjoyed myself.  I ignored the spasming sensations and became very comfortable in the water even though I still can’t flip over from my stomach.

My mood had completely changed for the better once I got home but a couple hours later I felt like complete crap.  Hot and cold flashes overcame me and my bones began to ache.  Wooziness and fatigue swarmed me.  Somehow I managed to get a prescription filled at the last-minute and once again have drugs flowing through my veins, attacking the nemesis.  I continue to believe that I will go on with my life as scheduled this week.  Tomorrow it’s tennis in the morning, tutoring in the afternoon, possibly a round on the FES bike and possibly swimming.  Wish me luck.

Coming soon… more on the events of my life.

I’m pretty sure I just saw the hurricanes when the Stanley Cup.  If you didn’t see it, you should have.  Congratulations to the Carolina Hurricanes!

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9 Responses to Life Will Go On

  1. Theresa says:

    What an emotional roller coaster!  Kudos to you for focusing so enthusiastically on the positive elements of your day in spite of the constant battle with the UTI.   I have been thinking of your advice to develop our own personal mantras.  I am not sure exactly what mine would be but I find my thoughts drifting back to the benefit of having a little self coaching now and then.  I particularly like that it should be dynamic, changing in tune to our own changing growth and needs.
    I envy you being in San Diego just now.

  2. Moshe says:

    OK, I know its highly anecdotal and I don’t know how you manage your
    own bladder program, but I’m a quadriplegic as well and have had a
    suprapubic catheter as my method of bladder management.

    The surgery was done about 4 years ago as my experience was nothing
    short of copious incidents of urinary tract infections. I can safely
    say the cut in incidents has been dramatic as I rarely get them
    now.  But hey, that’s just my experience!

  3. kelli says:

    Hi, Colin!
         Just wanted to say I\’m sending well wishes your way today!  And a big smile!  :-))

  4. Keith says:

    Hey Colin,
    Man youre right, UTIs suck.  They make me sweat on one side of my face (noticeably) while the other side is powder dry.  Spinal cords are weird animals.
    Glad to see you\’re hanging with school though. I hope it helps you out as much as it helped me out.
    Take care,Keith

  5. WINDOW LIVE says:

    My brother-in-law had the same problem with the UTI\’s when he became paralyzed after contracting meningitis.  It took about 1 year before he quit having them so frequently.  FYI..they live in Raleigh NC.  I have only had 1 UTI after the birth of my daughter and it was worse than having her.  So my total sympathy and empathy to you.  Glad to know you are going to get to ski…I love to water ski.

  6. Shannon says:

    Hey Colin,
    Unfortunately, this is all too familiar territory for you.  But you are a fighter and will definitely pull through it with flying colors!
    Keep up the great work!
    I got an email from Amazon today that a book of Adam\’s success stories is coming out soon.  Of course it made me think of you.  I might check it out.
    Take care! 

  7. Unknown says:

    The Way of the Tao is congruent with God in that it follows a path of being, a virtue of heart, and a compassion of spirit.  Look to the strengths that you hold in your hand and they will always support you in the plan that He has for you. A plan that He has already made apparent…  God Bless.

  8. TexasGirlJen says:

    KO, KO Colin
    I LOVE your site. I don\’t comment much but I read it all of the time. You have an incredible way with words and a spirit that leaves me completely speechless and in awe and admiration of you.
    Thank you for sharing your life with us.
    Take care.

  9. Unknown says:

    may God bless you with guidance & better health. i had a searing
    pain too recently. one sad thing to be rendered on the sofa, is without
    the remote control — i had to endure mushy woooshy TV stuffs. he loves
    me, no he oh he… there\’s another woman… sob sob. why is he… 😛
    honestly. if the physical pain is one thing, but  this. at least
    give the people the TV remote.

    anyway your blog is very nice. 🙂

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