Moment of Inspiration

Every once in awhile I get a sudden moment of inspiration.


Can I feel the light?

Pouring through my veins,

Can I feel the sun?

On every inch of my skin,

Show me divine sight,

Surrender all my fears,

The battles never won,

So take it and I’ll live.

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1 Response to Moment of Inspiration

  1. Patricia says:

    There is such peace in this – thanks for sharing it. I\’m not sure what it means to you exactly as I am a terrible interpreter of prose but develop my own sense of feelings from it. I\’m slowly learning not to hold such a tight grip on things while still maintaining passion. It seems as though a tight grip would be needed to hold onto the passion but I am finding that my belief in that may not be so true. in many ways my passion feels to flow more smoothly and clearly when I\’m not so eagerly clawing at it. I concentrate instead on the passion and not the destination – I feel lighter and more clear minded. i\’m learning that letting go of some sort of urgency is not letting go of the dream rather it is letting it ripen in a sense. Living it. I hope you are well. Dream big, patti

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