Bumps in the Road

I wrote this past Sunday I felt I was at a turning point when it came to feeling more in tune with my new situation and surroundings.  The next day was the same at Project Walk as I sped through the front doors eager and ready to dive headfirst into my training.  The two-hour workout was tough as usual but invigorating and afterwards it was time for my acupuncture.

I can honestly not say for certain what acupuncture has done for me or is doing for me.  I do know that it has worked well for many people and knowing that, I am more than willing to do it on a regular basis to see what the outcome may be.  But I find myself not enjoying the actual sessions that much lately.  Right away six or seven needles are always placed in my scalp and the placement of these needles has yet to be very pleasing.  I feel a strong pinch as each one is placed even though it is barely entering my skin.  Sometimes, one or two needles are placed in the cartilage of my ears and this does not feel too good either.  Once these certain needles are placed the pain is gone.  Most of the time I am than put face down on a mat with my face in a holder of some kind.  It is okay at first but quickly becomes very uncomfortable.

After the sessions I do usually feel a bit calmer and relaxed but I’m not sure if the pain and discomfort is worth it.  However, I’ve yet to discover if there will be beneficial long-term results so I will keep fighting through it just in case it ends up truly helping me.  Not that I will know if it was acupuncture which created the benefit or not, being that I am involved in so many different aspects of recovery but I mustn’t leave any stone unturned.

Monday night, I felt great before going to bed.  My energy level was high and I felt very positive and outgoing about the upcoming week.  These feelings were quickly tested when I woke up the next morning feeling as if I got hit by a truck.  My bones were aching and as I lay in bed, the thought of getting up seemed monumental.

Eventually I was up and in my chair but not feel any better.  I figured I was probably just exhausted from traveling, being in a new place, and working out so hard.  I fought through the morning routine’s trying not to moan too much along the way.  I thought the shower was going to be my saving grace but afterwards I got in bed to change and began to get chills.  I thought the sun was going to be my next saving grace but it also failed.  I was supposed to go to my next session at three clock that afternoon and I could not make the decision of whether my sickly feelings were ones to ignore or if my body really needed rest.  The answer to my dilemma was clearly apparent when I took my temperature and found it to be over 100°.  I promptly canceled that day’s session.

That night my fever rose to 102.5° and any sleep which I got was full of crazy dreams pulling me away from reality.  The times I was awake were spent in anxiety, frantically trying to thrash about but not being able to.  My legs felt like they weighed two tons and all of my tone and spasms had completely disappeared.  I was so hot it felt as if the room was on fire and my dad was constantly spraying water on me.  My temperature was not going down and even though I knew Nyquil has been known to make me a little loopy, I popped two pills.

Around four in the morning, I decided I would feel better if I got in my chair.  It helped a little bit because it allowed me to go sit in front of the air conditioner but I could barely sit up without getting a sudden sensation of passing out or throwing up.  The Nyquil had taken effect and was playing a strong role in my dizziness.  I almost got my dad to take me to the emergency room but instead I eventually got back in bed and fell asleep.  It was one of the longest nights of my life.

Still not feeling at all well the next day I went to the doctor and discovered I had picked up a bug which is going around.  It generally included some congestion, cough, fever, and nausea.  The first couple of days would be the worst and then I would slowly start feeling better.  He gave me some preventative pneumonia antibiotics because of my condition and I was on my way.  He was actually a very good doctor.  I was impressed.

Sure enough, after a couple days my fever started going down and I began to feel better.  Today I can still feel some lingering symptoms such as my sore throat and some fatigue, but other than that I’m fully on my way to being healthy again.  I unfortunately had to miss almost an entire week of therapy but it’s going to be great to get a fresh start on Monday.

Right before leaving Austin, Texas, I had the feeling that everything was slowly falling into place.  I then apparently hit some bumps in the road being a vicious UTI and my recent sickness.  When I first initially got sick I was frustrated and angry.  I was sick of all the bumps on the road and was ready for some smooth sailing.  After a couple days I got over this frustration and strangely it seemed that even being sick was part of the puzzle piece.  Possibly the fever was necessary to rid myself of some negative blocks in my system, who knows?  There are some powerful forces at play within me and I am almost bold enough to say that I have faith that great things are soon to happen.  Myself, the person who strives to know only the moment, now has faith in the future.  I think faith comes along with surrender, which is why faith has been so hard for me.  I was too busy trying to figure things out on my own to surrender anything.

I feel the healing energy is strong within me and I’m excited to get going again.  I can’t wait to become personal with the possibilities and step over the edge into the abyss which I am staring down.  I can see the light in the distance, shining brightly, beckoning me to jump.  I’m ready to take the plunge.

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4 Responses to Bumps in the Road

  1. KIMBERLY says:

    Hope you feel better soon.  Seems changes are occurring in your life.  Isn\’t change Grand?  New locations, new people to meet, and new challenges to beat.  I thrive on change and falter on routine sameness. 
    I wish you tons of good luck!

  2. BP says:

    I know exactly where you\’re coming from regarding lying facedown. I tried it several times only to discover it was one of the most uncomfortable positions I had to deal with during rehabilitation. I also tried lying with my head to the side, but cramped up within 15 minutes.
    Suggestion, next time you get a high grade fever over 100.5, take some ice cubes and put them in rubber gloves. Then put them underneath your armpits. This should bring the temperature down significantly, but if it fails, the next step is to place the cubes underneath the scrotum. However, you should always use a washcloth to cover the gloves in order to prevent skin irritation.
    Your attitude is excellent and it will continue to push you to even greater heights. Keep up the positive faith in the future and I\’m sure your recovery or rehabilitation will go very far indeed. It may never fully exceed your expectations, but it really shouldn\’t. I usually set my goals so high that they are difficult to obtain, if not outright impossible. Anyway, it is outstanding to hear you\’re doing so well despite all of the hurdles which have been heaped at you.
    One thing you can always say about being a quadriplegic is that it is never really truly boring. Every day has another complication, hurdle, or surprise.

  3. Tricia says:

    Have fun in Austin, its really one of the best cities in the US. Of all the places I have traveled I always want to kiss the ground as soon as I get back here. I am not sure why you are traveling to Austin but if you get a chance try to check out South Congress and South First. The Center for Meditiation is also really cool.

  4. Patricia says:

    I just stopped by and read this last post. I\’m sorry I haven\’t been here in a little bit. I have been thinking of you and knowing that you are going through a journey and send hope and positive vibes your way. Hope you are feeling better. I always find that a fever as you mentioned somehow helps clear out the body by the very way it is producing its own immune system function and jetting those antibodies into play. I hope that you find sweet relief and renewed strength and look forward to reading how you are doing. You are in my thoughts and I too have faith. Dream big my friend! hugs, patti

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