Dreams Do Come True

Since becoming paralyzed on July 10th, 2004, I feel as if I’ve constantly been preparing to get physically better. There is no doubt that the past three years has been a healing process on so many different levels. I was meant to break my neck and become a quadriplegic for many many reasons, the core reason being that the experience is what my spirit needed for its growth and development. I was lucky enough to be able to discover that my injury was a prime opportunity to look deeper within myself and discover the spiritual abyss which resided there. It has been a long process of spiritual, emotional, and mental healing but I have to say that without this experience I would be nowhere near where I am today. The growth my injury provided me is irreplaceable and if a spontaneous healing had occurred the day after my accident, a gift from God would have been stolen from me.

So for me to say that my recovery is now beginning would be a false statement for I have been recovering since the day of the accident. Only it is now that I’m ready to recover on a more physical level, and not only am I ready, but it is happening. The past week or so for the first time since my injury, I have had sudden increases in strength which can only be linked to the neural recovery of my nervous system. I have always worked very hard in my workouts, but never have I gotten a feeling like I have now of muscles kicking in, waking up and becoming clearly apparent in my movements and exercises. This increase in strength is directly pinpointed to the muscles of my shoulder driver, being the muscles in my shoulders and upper back, my chest and my triceps.

In moving to Atlanta, my parents and I have put a lot of faith in the type of rehab I have been involved with. We knew that exercise was a key component for my recovery but then we were introduced to integrative manual therapy. Not being a widely known or publicized type of treatment, I invested in this type of healing with somewhat of an understanding but more of a sense of faith that I was being led in this direction. Now however, my belief in IMT is increasing because the muscles they have been working on, are the same muscles which are now increasing in strength. These muscles are ones I have spent a great deal of effort and time trying to get stronger and until now have never truly responded. In my mind I’m experiencing clear evidence that IMT is working and playing a key role in my recovery.

I do continue to believe that everything I am doing is playing its part in my recovery. I feel as if the intensive exercise I get at the Shepherd center is an imperative stimulus to my nervous system and placing the necessary demands on my body so that it wakes up and gets moving again. The role of Francis, my energy healer, is also very important and without him I’m not sure if physical healing would even be possible. So many people and experiences have led me to the position I’m in today and when I think back on my journey up to this point, it’s truly amazing to see the intricate involvement of God. All the people around us are truly the tools of gods craftsmanship as so many people have led me in my own life. I’m discovering more and more how there is never a magical answer for the major problems of our lives. It most always takes a journey of discovery, and opening up to the possibilities, so that not only do we achieve our desires but we are given a much more important gift of growing along the way.

My current recovery is only the beginning of what’s to come. I not only believe that I will become independent again, but I believe a full recovery is going to take place. As long as I’m willing to put forth the effort and have faith in what I’m doing, my recovery will continue on. At times it has almost been overwhelming to experience these beginning stages of recovery. It’s been a figment of my imagination for so long. A dream that has lingered through all the ups and downs. Now it seems that this dream is becoming a reality and the thought of recovery, of walking, is no longer a possibility but simply a matter of time.

I am often looked up to, or so I think I am, as someone with a strong determination and drive to succeed. However, I am not satisfied with this label and I know that I will not only be a story of someone who had the willpower to try, but a story of beating the odds and living out the dream that no one thought was possible.

    -Thread I created so people could follow my recovery.

    -New videos.

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3 Responses to Dreams Do Come True

  1. Patricia says:

    I cried when I read this.  I haven\’t been online in quite some time – several months and have missed your updates though have been thinking of you. You have taught me so much – so much about life and faith and healing and well everything. I loved reading what you wrote here – you have a sense of peace and I feel it gratefully in your words. YOu found the balance of having determination and strength about your future and still gratitude which I think was something that I sort of struggled with at times. I am just so proud of you and again learn from you. Dream big, hugs, patti 

  2. Joell says:

    Hi Colin.
    I read this yesterday, but didn\’t have time to leave a comment.  I have been thinking about this since I read it yesterday.  It really struck me and I am grateful for your amazing inspirational insight.   
    I was completely BLOWN away by this quote: "I\’m discovering more and more how there is never a magical answer for the major problems of our lives. It most always takes a journey of discovery, and opening up to the possibilities, so that not only do we achieve our desires but we are given a much more important gift of growing along the way."  All I can say is WOW and thanks.  It\’s a reality check that I was needing.
    Your conviction about your healing and recovery are infectious and I believe with you and for you.  Looking forward to reading more about your progress…both internally and externally! 🙂  Thanks for sharing! 

  3. Rambling says:

    Hello Colin,  I was blog walking today and came across your blog.  I\’m glad I did.  I so like reading about that determination to recover.  God bless you.

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