I just got back from another visit to Francis, the healer I see in Austin. I first visited Francis when my dad and I made our long trip, driving across the country to San Diego. Always in the mood to open doors of opportunity, we decided to stop by and see a man we were told had an incredible gift of healing. During those several days of healing I came to believe that something larger was happening, yet many questions still lingered in my mind. My initial experiences told me that he indeed was healing my body, but I still couldn’t help but think, was it all in my head? Now however, after four weeklong visits of healing from Francis, I say without a doubt that he is a gifted man who contains an incredible power. It seems that each time I’ve seen him, the sensation of healing energy which overcomes me increases in strength to the point where I know my mind cannot create such a thing. Warmth and peace spreads through me as his hands hover and touch various parts of my body. My head becomes heavy as I feel the weight of the energy coming down on me. I feel as if I’m about to collapse yet I cannot bring myself to move. My heart opens up, and each breath is filled with peace. After some time passes Francis says his final prayer, asking God for bliss and joy in our lives, and I leave filled with God’s presence.

I don’t know exactly who Francis is to be honest. I was extremely intimidated by him at our first meeting. I’ve now become more and more comfortable with him and as I have more conversations with him I have come to understand that he is indeed just a man. He contains a huge amount of spiritual wisdom yet I do not believe he always speaks ultimate truth. However, when in his presence I am aware of a heart more pure than any I have ever come in contact with. He holds no anger, no bitterness, only love. A good friend of his told me that more than anything he is a healer of hearts. I know this to be true recently for after each visit to Francis I feel my heart open up a little more and I feel closer to the peace that I seek. I have been lucky enough to sit down with him and speak about my struggles, and sometimes I do hear contradictory statements, but yet I believe he tells me things I need to hear in order to find the answers for myself, increasing my personal wisdom and opening my heart to understanding.

I feel extremely blessed to have Francis in my life for he is helping me undergo a healing far beyond the physical. He is helping me to experience a healing on a much deeper level which will result in not only me walking again, but me walking again with joy and bliss in my heart. God bless you Francis. 

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4 Responses to Francis

  1. Patricia says:

    Colin – I \’m so glad that you got to visit with Francis again. What a blessing to be in such a presence. I believe so much in energy and the power of it. I believe that we all carry a energy field around us and it effects not only those around us but within us. People like Francis have an incredible gift I think to harness and share this power. I sense too though your great energy through your writing. Wonderful energy you possess. Blessings to you and as you appreciate Francis, know too that you are appreciated for the energy that you share. Thank you always, patti  

  2. BP says:

     Colin, It has been an extraordinarily long time since I have been by here, but I haven\’t forgotten about you.  I have simply been busy with my own endeavors, as by reading this you are all so.
    It is wonderful you have found someone that heals you.  I believe it is vital you find anything which gives you the strength to continue on in your recovery process.  Good luck and keep driving on.Billy (Quadius)

  3. Danny 'Saxs' says:

    Hi Colin,
    I want to share a couple of thoughts with you. First Francis does not speak ultimate truth because everyone of us has to find his/her own ultimate truth, we need to find what works for us and fills us. The bliss, peace and joy you feel when you are at his side does not come entirely from him only a small amount all is in your head Colin. When you are at his side you are receptive because he must have much wisdom and is able to connect with people and you experiment those feelings thinking is because of him but when you realize that the power to enjoy life, feel peaceful and love everyone unconditionally is inside of you then you\’ll start to really discover ultimate truth. This last was told to me by one of my gurus, Gueshe Lobsang Jamphel, an extremely wise and caring monk from the Nalanda monastery.
    Best wishes.

  4. chao says:

    great man.
    I am deeply moved.
    (Aza aza fighting~~)

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