A Week of Healing

The past week there has been a great deal of healing occurring on many levels and it has been utterly exhausting. Last Saturday I suddenly felt as if a shift of recovery was happening. It wasn’t really as if I could suddenly do more things, or had more movement, but I could feel healing energy flowing throughout my body. I also felt very warm, a sure sign that healing is usually taking place. I immediately thought of Francis as one of the things he tells me is that it usually takes six weeks for the healing to take full effect. It had just so happened that I was at the exact six-week mark when I felt this healing energy manifest. Francis also told me that many times when healing is occurring at a rapid pace people can get sick and feverish. Sure enough I woke up the next day with a fever. It was somewhat frustrating but I pretty much knew that the way I was feeling was actually a good thing and I was probably burning off toxicity and getting rid of the gunk.

The next morning I felt much better and was ready to plunge headfirst into the week. It was what they call an intensive week at Center IMT. This is when Sharon Giamatteo, creator of integrative manual therapy, comes down with her husband and therapists from all over the country. Sharon has an incredible gift on many levels I’m certain, but the one gift I was able to observe is her gift of diagnosing dysfunction in the body and then directing the appropriate techniques in order to facilitate the healing. It is pretty amazing as she stands over me looking off in the distance spouting off different medical, IMT, and various layman’s terms on what is happening inside of me. When the therapist is done with with the treatment she advises, she comes back over and repeats the process. "Okay, this has cleared up, now this has surfaced, so now do this treatment", and so on. At one point she even diagnosed my body from across the room. This is no surprise to the therapists, as they tell me stories of her surveying the dysfunction of people’s bodies thousands of miles away over the phone. Very impressive I must say, even though I don’t always quite know what she’s talking about when it comes to the diagnosis, instinctually I am aware that the use of a very unique gift is taking place.

I felt immediate effects from the treatments I got on Monday. I have always thought that I mostly needed work done on the spinal cord at and below the injury level. But to my surprise one of the first things Sharon had them work on was my brain stem. It makes sense considering I fractured my C1 vertebrae when I had my injury. Almost immediately I could feel the release of pressure around my eyes and throughout my cranium. It turns out my C1 was actually pushing against my brain stem causing a lot of the tension I’ve been feeling in my face and skull. The next day I also had more range of motion in my neck something the doctor told me would never be any better. I could also breathe and swallow much more easily.

On Tuesday I felt as if I was in a dream world, looking in on reality. The sudden healing I had felt over the weekend along with the effects of Sharon’s treatments made me feel as if I was on drugs but really I was only getting used to my body returning to normalcy . I was at the Shepherd center that day and kept surprising myself as I looked around and felt more sharpness in my vision. I would then take these deep breaths and startle myself at the amount of oxygen which was going to my brain. Who would’ve thought I would have to get used to being normal.

The next morning I woke up to another surprise. When I sat up in bed I could feel my scapulas were more secure and I could tell there was a significant increase in the stability of my shoulders. My winging right scapula which has plagued me for so long is finally beginning to flatten out.

The next three days I was at center IMT, laying on a treatment table for six hours each visit. But even though I was only lying there my body was working very hard. The treatments were actually physically exhausting and by the end of the day I could barely sit in my chair. Much of the time I tried to assist in the healing process and focused on visualizations. My awareness of my body has increased a great deal and my visualizations have become much more powerful. This is something I need to continue to focus on so that I can take control of the healing process and ensure my quick and full recovery.

I have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know all of the therapists over the past week. It seems that they each have a certain quality about them. They’re very refreshing to be around, and it’s as if IMT has taught them not only how to heal bodies but empower people at all levels. Being the kind of person I am it is very comforting to be surrounded by people of this caliber. I am allowed to open up and share my thoughts, my discoveries, and my spiritual struggles and have them embraced and nurtured. Many people find certain topics of discussion uncomfortable as I see their eyes glaze over hoping that the subject matter is changed. This past week has not been the case however. This past week I was surrounded by people who are able to completely open their minds to the possibilities. This is evident in their dedicated involvement to a type of treatment which cannot be grasped in a day but must be practiced over years as the actual conscious awareness slowly unveils itself. Becoming a practicing IMT therapist is not for those of little patience. It is for those who are willing to open up their minds to something which cannot be understood completely through words but more so understood through an opening of the heart and mind. I believe it takes a certain amount of faith to jump into it not understanding the full mechanics right away but just knowing that there is something about it. This is one of the reasons why many of the therapists were once patients in the past. They were able to experience first-hand the power that integrative manual therapy can have. Who knows, maybe one day I’ll be the one healing people.

Aside from the physical improvements which have occurred this past week I feel as if deeper growth has occurred as well. I currently find myself more able to let go of the control I wish to have over my life. I tend to get wrapped up in attachments and desires for what I believe should and is supposed to manifest in my life. However I’m beginning to further understand that the control I have over my life is very limited and the only control I have is what I choose to do with this very moment. I can choose to manifest something in my future but only if it is aligned with a divine purpose. In this moment I know I am meant to manifest my physical healing and so I do it. Yet I do not know the exact occurrence of events which tomorrow will bring. All I know is that right now I can sit here in front of my computer and write. I can write and I can share and I can feel encouraged by it. Encouraged by doing something which inspires growth and satisfaction. I can sleep in peace tonight knowing that tomorrow I will do my best to make good decisions and to be true to who I am. As long as I do that I can let go of the results knowing that my purpose will be fulfilled. I can only do my best, and nothing more. Why stress over knowing whether or not I am doing the right things or heading in the appropriate directions? I do my best and give the results to God. Who am I to argue what manifests and what does not? There is always much larger roles being played in life, and if I do not get something which I thought I would get, then I should probably bow my head in prayer thanking God for he has denied me something which would have most likely pulled me away from my path and purpose.

One can sit here and read this and say to themselves, yes I already know these things. Live in the moment,, surrender the future, blah blah blah…" I too discover these things over and over again from different approaches, different words. But the key to truly understanding and realizing the spiritual bliss that resides within us, is by repeatedly searching and discovering the truth over and over again. I know that I will hit suffering once again. The moment will come and I will have no understanding, but I will search for that understanding and once again I will find it. And when I find it again, it will be stronger than the last time. Suffering is a part of life, but it is within that suffering where we grow and discover who we are and fulfill our purpose on earth. Therefore I welcome the suffering as a gift, a gift providing me with the chance to discover the truth one more time.

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4 Responses to A Week of Healing

  1. Jaslyn says:

    I\’m so glad to see the big progresses you\’re making! And I\’ve learned so much from reading your blog entries.

  2. Beth says:

    Hooray!!  I felt so uplifted when I read this post.  I have great faith that you will keep making process and your faith in God will help you.

  3. Beth says:

    Sorry, the word should have read progress instead of process.

  4. ann says:

    Hi! I just stumble upon your story and it inspires me to continue what I\’m doing. I\’m a physical therapist but different from the setting that you were in, I work in a geriatric setting. Sometimes, I feel exhausted just for the physical aspect of the job that I thought about changing profession. It\’s the emotional fulfillment when I see my patients get better that keeps me in this profession. It\’s great to hear sometimes that we do help people and that what we do is appreciated. I\’m wishing you the best!

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