Great week of healing

I just got back from another trip to Austin, Texas to see Francis, the healer. We took Sasquatch, the Van again. I’ve learned to really love to be out on the open road traveling but now that we’ve done the trip to Texas about three times now, I’m kind ready to start flying. It is my hope that by the time we are ready for another trip to Austin I will be strong enough to make flying a little bit easier.

Despite being on the road for two whole days, I’m feeling energized and pumped after my week long visit with Francis. With each visit to Francis my healing sessions are becoming more and more powerful. He has told me several times in the past that how well I’m doing is based on how much energy I am able to take in and absorb. I had one group healing on Monday followed by another group healing on Tuesday. Immediately after the Tuesday session was over Francis exclaimed to me how excited he was and how well I’m doing. Apparently in the past I’ve only been able to take on a certain amount of energy and it usually took me several days to absorb it. This time however I was taking on much more energy and I was able to absorb all of it in a single day! I could not necessarily tell the difference to start off with but just to see Francis get so excited about my recovery was very encouraging. Francis also told me that he can now see much more energy flowing down to my legs and my aura contains more color a good sign of health returning to my body. He told me that I should expect to see new movements occurring very soon and my pace of recovery should speed up rapidly.

Five days in a row I went in and experienced the peaceful touch of Francis has the healing energy of God poured into me. In the past during healings I have felt a lot of warmth but this time I grew very tired during the sessions, sometimes feeling as if I would fall asleep. Then upon leaving I felt the familiar sensation of quiet peacefulness fill my soul. I would then go back to the hotel and sleep for two hours.

By the end of the week I felt very tired but at the same time I felt energized, much different than my past experiences. Usually after three or four days Francis would tell me that I was all filled up and could not take on any more energy. I could tell he was correct because I would get headaches I could feel a lot of stuffiness in my head. This time however, even after five days of healing I was still absorbing the energy. When I would go to bed at night I could feel the heaviness of the energy but most of the time I would wake up and it would be gone.

On the ride home on Saturday the effects of the healing was clearly apparent to me. At the hotel that night muscles in my chest, triceps, and forearms began to twitch. Not only that but my legs felt more alive than ever before! Much of the ride home today I spent focusing on various parts of my body trying to flex the muscles. I could feel the connection growing the more time I spent trying, and I’m confident that these muscles will begin to truly awaken in the near future.

Most of the week was spent going to see Francis, and resting absorbing as much of the energy as I could. My dad had an increase in his workload so there was not much fun to be had. I did get to go in workout at the Brain and Spine Center at the Brackenridge hospital. I love the energy over there and the therapists are very knowledgeable and a lot of fun too. They only get to see me every couple of months so the improvement I am making is always very obvious to them. It’s encouraging to get an outside professional opinion from someone who doesn’t see me all the time.

In conclusion, I just had an awesome week of healing and I can’t wait to see it all manifest in the coming weeks. It usually takes about six weeks for the healing to take full effect but we shall see.

If anyone out there is near the Austin area and is suffering from anything from depression to cancer, I highly recommend a visit to Francis.  It is free, and there is no harm in opening your mind to the possibilities.  With God anything is possible.

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2 Responses to Great week of healing

  1. Beth says:

    Hi Colin,  What wonderful news!  I am so happy for you.  I just said a prayer for you.
    Take care.

  2. Coloraodkeiths says:

    Hey keep up the great work. But I might add, if you like sports, check out wheel chair rugby. I have a lot of friends who play and they say it is just great. Also Sled Skiing and hand trikes.

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