Refreshing Weekend

I just got back from a last-minute trip that my parents and I took to Charlotte. My dad decided he needed to take care of some things at the house. At first I actually did not want to go, but it turned out to be a very refreshing trip. I got to see some friends who I have not seen in quite some time as well as many of my old neighbors. Seeing these people helped me to realize how far I’ve come since moving here to Atlanta and it also helped me to re-find my faith in my upcoming future. It seemed like everyone I talked to, had some little piece of advice to give me that gave me some clarification when it came to my current struggles. It was also very refreshing to hear people compliment me on how much stronger and healthier I look. Every once in a while it helps to get a boost from the observations of others.

A recent realization that sticks out in my mind currently, is that my present situation in life is probably one of the most hardest things I will ever have to face. Once I get through this portion of my life, almost everything else I will face in life will be nothing in comparison. It’s rather uplifting to think about my future simmering down a little bit and not having quite so much to face every morning when I open my eyes to a new day.

I still don’t quite know where I belong, but that search is just part of life. Trying to find an inner faith where home does not consist of people, places or things, but is a feeling within oneself that wherever you are is perfect for that moment. As of right now I am not worrying about the future, about where I am going, or where I belong. I’m going to work as hard as I can to recover, because that is my duty and obligation to the divine plan of my life.

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1 Response to Refreshing Weekend

  1. Beth says:

    It is great to see an upbeat post from you, Colin.  I think the trip must have done you a world of good.
    Take care.  I am sending positive thoughts and a prayer your way.

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