Can I get some help?!

The more comfortable I get in my manual chair, the more bold I get when it comes to venturing outside and around the parking lot. I don’t really like using my chest strap unless I absolutely have to which in many circumstances can be quite dumb. I’ve managed to go outside and make my way down the 15 foot ramp with a fair amount of ease and not much nervousness. Once in the parking lot however, the risk-taking goes up a notch or two.

This evening I went outside after dinner and made my way to the parking lot. I strolled up and down the asphalt careful to know my limitations and when the various levels and inclines surpassed my courage. Not only do I not have a chest strap but I have also taken off my lateral supports which means the only direction I cannot fall is backwards. I decided to make my way up the small hill, testing both my nerves and my courage, but not so much my physical capabilities. I am fully aware that I am able to complete the feat.

Once halfway up the hill I pulled into two empty spaces and sat there enjoying the night air and watching people pass me by. A car then pulled into a space not too far from my vicinity. It just so happened that a very cute blonde hopped out. The corners of my lips curled upwards and a twinkle in my eye appeared. I attempted to make solid eye contact but only got a passing glance. She slowly made her way up to the mailbox. A myriad of thoughts began to appear in my mind, as I gave myself a peptalk on what I should do. I surveyed the environment and discovered that I could push my way diagonally up the hill, to a small ramp and a sidewalk. There I could probably intersect her path and who knows? Possibly meet the woman of my dreams?

My heart rate increased and my breath quickened, and I suddenly realized that I did not have the courage to perform the maneuver. I once again attempted to make solid eye contact but my efforts were in vain. I had the sense that she looked at me out of the corner of her eye but I can’t be sure. My presence definitely did not go unnoticed.

Slightly frustrated with myself, I decided to see if I could have made it over to the sidewalk if I wanted to. The risk factor would significantly increase, but I was feeling bold. I made my way up the hill no problem but as I approached the ramp things turned tricky. I made it to the handicap space and then turned my chair sideways to make my way towards the sidewalk. The pavement was rather uneven and I knew as I pushed forward my chair would begin to turn towards the left, either leading me into a curb or into a parked car. I decided to go for speed hoping that the momentum would keep me going straight and my right hand would guide the chair in the appropriate direction.

I gave a solid push and began to roll forwards. The chair began to slightly angle towards the left so I digged my right hand into the push rim, but the chair continued to go left straight for a curb. I flung my left arm behind me and hooked onto the push handle. I leaned to the right and used my bicep to grab ahold so I could turn away from the curb. Slowly the chair eased away from danger and I let out a sigh of relief as the chair angled towards the ramp, but an unexpected issue arose. My footplate suddenly hit a 2 inch lip in the ramp and my upper body went flying forward with my left arm still behind me. My chair stayed put but there I was fallen over in my lap and I couldn’t get up.

Anxiety and panic, instantaneously emerged. I knew people were all around me but were not in my eyesight. I looked towards all the mailboxes and began to holler for help. "Help! I need help!" I continued to holler but no one was emerging to save me from my predicament. I looked to my left and saw a woman a hundred yards away walking down the sidewalk. "Excuse me! I need help!" I yelled, but she didn’t even turn around and was gone. Then I looked up and saw a car pulling in. A woman emerged and I began to yell again. "Help! Mam! Could you help me!" Busy with her cell phone conversation she amazingly did not hear me. I continued to yell. Then almost out of sight she turned and began to look around. "Finally, someone heard me" I thought. As she began to piece together what was happening an Indian gentleman appeared out of nowhere with his young daughter. "I’ve fallen and I can’t get up", I told him. He helped me up and my heart slowly stopped pounding and all anxiety turned to gratefulness. "Thank you so much", I said. He was a humble hero and did not say much but I was truly grateful. He helped me put my chest strap on and I made my way back down the hill and into the apartment.

I am now officially terrified of going outside again without my chest strap. Most likely I will be wearing it from now on when I go outside, but then again I can also see myself not wearing it because quite frankly, I can be pretty stubborn. Looking back on it however, things could have been much worse, and much more horrible things could have happened. I think I should wear my chest strap. I swear, girls, all they cause is trouble.

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5 Responses to Can I get some help?!

  1. Beth says:

    I read this post with trepidation as I couldn\’t imagine what was happening to you.  Thankfully everything turned out all right for you.  I think you should wear the chest strap but for heavens sake don\’t stop looking at girls.  🙂

  2. Amy Horne says:

    I\’m glad that you tried! How do you know what you are capeable of unless you try? And I say try and try again! And talk to the girl next time!

  3. Unknown says:

    Your words are so inspirational. I am grateful for your honesty and humbled by your courage. You need to know that by sharing your challenges and your strength to carry on, you are helping others. I believe the collective consciousness of the universe can be elevated by your wisdom. Have you thought of turning your blogs into a book?

  4. Ready to fly? says:

    You are strong, Colin. I\’m glad you went out there and pushed the limits. Also glad nothing bad happened. Soldier on.

  5. Patricia says:

    My gosh! outta all those women finally a man stepped up to help! firstly those girls must be fools and secondly i\’ll deck them! I\’m sure that everyone was just spaced out though, I walk around in a fog mostly – (hey maybe they were brain injured like me!!??) so i really can\’t deck them! haha! plus, i\’ve never decked anyone and though it might be a strength i didn\’t know about, i\’d probably end up being decked! however yes, strap on there stubborn AND grab a cellphone or WT that way you can do all the boldness you want but have something handy to contact people. hugs my friend! patti

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