The Door of Healing

In life God is always presenting us with various options or doors of opportunity, as I like to call them. Every day we are given the opportunity to open a door, walk through it, and transform our lives in some way or another. About two years ago, my parents and I decided that it was time to start opening some doors and transform our lives. From there on out a magnificent creation of life has occurred where I have met wonderful people who have shown me the way and I have created the opportunity to recover and heal from this tragic injury.

Right now the door that is being made apparent to me is the door of healing. I came to the realization that all the other problems and worries which I carry around with me, are rather insignificant compared to my own opportunity and ability to recover from this injury. I have chosen the door of healing and I have truly chosen to heal. At any moment where anxiety and fear arises, I turn inwards and say "I am healing now", and I gather all the divine energy which my spirit contains and begin to heal my body. Almost instantaneously a peaceful feeling comes over me and I physically feel my body healing and recovering. It is most certainly my destiny to heal and finally, after four years of fighting and diving deep within myself for the answers, I am truly beginning to feel my body recovering.

Now I am not saying that miracles are occurring, and I’m jumping out of my wheelchair, but I’m feeling certain physical impacts of the healing which is taking place inside of me. I can feel the muscles around my shoulder blades tightening up and I can see when I look in the mirror that my neck looks longer as my shoulder blades pull my shoulders down. But even as I see these changes occurring, I refuse to be satisfied. Never since being inflicted with this injury, have I ever felt more determined to overcome it. I feel a fire inside of me growing and as I watch the Olympic athletes on TV, I too feel like an athlete in training trying to achieve something which will prepare me for the rest of my life.

I have chosen to heal, and as of right now nothing else really matters. Up until now all sorts of other little problems seemed to be bubbling inside of me and surprisingly they took precedence over my healing. But now whenever that bubbling occurs I remind myself what my destiny is and what I truly want in my life. Everyone dreams in life, but very few people truly choose to chase their dreams. Fears and insecurities constantly overshadow the desire and the willpower to go after what one truly wants. None of us should be afraid to dream and furthermore none of us should be afraid to chase our dreams and accomplish what we never thought was possible. Once you begin to open the doors and co-create the life you are meant to live, dreams become reality and life will begin to transform all around you.

As I begin to settle further and further into truly chasing down what I want in my life, I’m finding that I’m no longer struggling to create moments but the natural moments of existence are appearing naturally. I’m no longer struggling to create the perfect moment but the perfect moment just occurs. It’s as if once I truly found my calling and my destiny, life just sort of molds itself around this purity of choice, and things just fall into place.

It is still very early in my journey of recovery and I fully realize that I have a long ways to go. This euphoric feeling of natural existence could easily fade away. I’m sure I will continue to find hard times come my way and there will be moments where my dreams are no longer clear and I’m struggling to find the right door to open. Right now however, this moment is telling me that healing is taking place and I must continue to heal myself over and over again, continuing to realize that I contain an infinite, immeasurable power and nothing can stop me from manifesting everything that I want in life.

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4 Responses to The Door of Healing

  1. Beth says:

     My prayers are with you for continued healing.

  2. Georgia says:

    Colin, you have come such a long way since the beginning, I’m so incredibly impressed with your spirit and your drive.  Stay on course.  I have no doubt that the dream you chase now will be your reality in the end. 
    Best to you always,

  3. Vt says:

    Hey Colin, It is nice to meet you.  I found you on the Canadian Magazine suggested web sites.  My New Life is also featured.  Many people think I am brave for going back to school at the age of 53, but I think your story is so compelling and inspiring.  I truly believe in the power of the mind for healing, but also as acceptance of our unique qualities that make us into who we are.  No one leaves this world without suffering, but some face more challenges that others.  My sister had Guillion Barre and was in a wheel chair for seven years… He death at the age of forty from diabetes related disease put me in graduate school… I needed to do something positive to be reconnected with life.  Her bravery and perserverence was so inspiring and amazing… so is yours.  Thank you so much for sharing your life.  You are also inspiring and seem oh so positive about life. Marilyn

  4. Ready to fly? says:

    I too am inspired by the Olympians. But I get that same feeling visiting you here. You rock, man, and you\’ve created a powerful place for individuals to imbibe in some of your spillover energy. That, in itself, is a noble mission.
    There\’s a powerful maxim I keep in my head, which pertains to your vision of opportunity and breaking through fear, to continue moving forward.
    "Be bold, and mighty forces will come to your aid."
    Keep pushing it, and so will I.
    Abe Munder, the Wheeled Wonder
    PS. Great party pics!

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