I Am Empowered

Things seem to be going very well for me lately. I feel like everyday I wake up I’m a little bit stronger and more connected to my muscles than the day before. I’m constantly working on my walking patterns flexing my glutes and abdominals, connecting them to my shoulder muscles. I close my eyes and send waves of energy down my spinal cord and then let it spread throughout my entire body. I am realizing more and more these days how important it is to realize my own personal power to heal and create. It is true that it is very scary to accept that we are powerful beings capable of tremendous achievements. It is hard to accept that we are capable of so much because suddenly it reminds us of an opportunity to fail rather than an opportunity to succeed. There really is no such thing as failure however, because it is the effort which counts, the desire to grow in our own empowerment and become more evolved spiritual beings. There is no right or wrong, good or bad. What is the point of free will if it contains limitations?

So I move forth, forgiving myself when I feel I have fallen, and congratulating myself on my creations whether they are expected or not. I allow myself to be confused and to not understand, because I realize that there are certain things which can only be known to the soul and I trust in this secret knowledge within. I do my best to allow the love in my heart to grow, the key to my empowerment, but understand that perfection is not the goal but the path is the journey, the creation. For it is never the destination which God resides, but every moment of creation from now until infinity. An endless stream of loving creation which is God.

I know that I am recovering. I can feel it in my bones, and my muscles, and in my heart. I can see it in my improvements day to day, connecting to my back extensors, standing up straight, sitting with more confidence and seeing the small improvements in various exercises. As time passes by I can tell that recovery is speeding up and I know that one day all of the strength I feel will come together in a remarkably functional way. I must continue to know that this is my destiny and not allow the fear which tells me I am not capable, I am not good enough to overcome me. I must never give up on myself.


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  1. Patricia says:

    Dear Colin!!! It has been a long time my friend since I have been to these pages and for that I apologize. I do think and wonder how you are and all that you and your wise self are doing and learning. I seriously believe that you should consider a profession in life coaching. I have read Mary Williamson\’s book of "A Return to Love" which sounds a little less difficult to read than "conversations with God" although I believe I might have and have possibly tried to read that book – Mary\’s book was so simple to read and brought me so much love and peace from constant anxiety and fear that it was literally a gift to read and I have reread it since. A new book that I am still in the process of reading is Martha Beck\’s "Steering towards Starlight" it is also an incredbily well written book which offers me hope in seeing things from a new perspective. in your last entry you spoke of being afraid and I so know that feeling as it has literally taken over my life. I feel as if even spimple decisions became hard because I was overwhelmed by the "blindsided" nature of accidents – but truth be told I think even though before my accident I might have seemed "carefree," I was riddled with the propensity to worry and fear. I realize that the decisions I have made were made with the information I had and not to beat myself up about them, however I also realize that it is easy to take the times that reinforce my fear rather than to remember the other risks I took that worked out and should make me confident as well. You have been such a coach to me with your wisdom and thoughts. I understand your desire to be private at times. However your intelligence and philospophy and intrigue offers the world so very much. As always, dream big my friend, one minute at a time each moment move towards that dream. Love, Patti

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