The Power of Letting Go

I get frustrated many times thinking about the power of letting go. I realize that letting go has tremendous creative power. I believe that complete surrender and living within the moment has the power to attract all kinds of wonderful things into your life including much of which you have long desired for. The problem which comes with this knowledge, is that the mere awareness of this truth seems to cancel it out. What I mean is, by knowing that surrender and letting go will attract desires into my life, the process becomes more one of manipulation rather than surrender. By knowing that letting go will attract good things in my life, the process of letting go becomes just another manipulative effort to get what I want. Then the entire process loses its effectiveness. Of course to buy into what I’m saying you must believe in the power of surrender and the power of letting go. Something I myself am not quite sure of all the time.

I do believe we have much creative power. I believe we are creating all the time whether we do it consciously or unconsciously. Every single moment we are attracting something into our lives. We cannot help but do it. We think, we speak, and we act, all the while the energy and God is working its magic. The energy, the magic, in fact is God. However, I wonder how much control I actually have over these events? I get frustrated because I believe that through effort I may be able to one day let go and have this control I always seek. Once again if I attempt to let go in order to gain control, the effort is pointless. Truly letting go, truly surrendering, will contain no desire, and no imagined conclusion. It will simply be me merging with God. The after-effects would not be considered.

So during this entire charade of creative magic taking effect, what is my role? I believe I am meant to always strive towards peace and joy. But as I make efforts towards this goal, a constant forgiveness should be maintained. Forgiveness for being human, for the times when I’m not able to surrender, for the times when I know that I may be creating something I perceive I do not want. For how do I know when something is supposed to be in my life and when it is not? How am I to know what I am to create and I am not meant to create? I cannot know. So at the end of this philosophical rambling, I once again come to the conclusion that the only thing I can truly know, is that I know nothing.

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3 Responses to The Power of Letting Go

  1. Neora Chana says:

    It\’s ironic, the more we try to let go, the more we are–consciously or unconsciously–trying to control losing control. Some kind of Zen koan in this conundrum, I think.

  2. Lisa says:

    I have found that good things usually happen when I get to the point of saying \’I don\’t know shit\’! šŸ™‚

  3. Patricia says:

    HI Colin! I miss you! I recently read Martha Beck\’s books and she has this wonderful anology of letting go the way a catepiller finds a safe place to cacoon then literally it turns to mush, complete mush, and its DNA stays the same and has it do this and from mush emerges the butterfly. I like this anology. I believe I have been a stubborn catapiller – – wanting to be in control of all my changes, forcing everything, thinking, needing, yearning – and I don\’t like the idea of letting go- it implies that I don\’t care or something and I do deeply want to care about everything! – but this january/feb I have allowed in a safe feeling way to let myself be mush for a little. To simply admit that i\’m not sure what to do and to be okay with that for a short while. To sit with it unanxiously (which is hard for me) and just be for a bit. It has made me more aware of things and I feel too like because I\’m not as anxious that time has sort of slowed. It is an incredible feeling. I think the term, letting go, is too much for me – but somehow I am okay with allowing a "mush time" of transformation where I don\’t let go but I let be –just for a couple weeks or less. I can go back to holding tight in a second – trust me!! But it is okay I think to try new things. Well, I just thought sharing my story was better than a comment I could come up with at this time. I so hope that all is well with you and hope to talk to you soon!! Dream Big!! patti

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