I Exist

I exist to see reality for what it is.  I exist to gain the knowledge and the vision that the universe is made up of nothing but love and there is nothing separate from anything else.  I exist to rise up to a new level of consciousness where the heart opens and love overcomes my senses as thought transforms to a creative power flowing freely in its manifestations.  I exist to know myself as I really am, unattached and unperturbed by the drama of life.  My experience, my healing, has prepared me for something grand to occur in my life and I welcome it with an open heart and open arms.


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1 Response to I Exist

  1. Malia says:

    Wow, Colin – double Wow! I found your site while doing a search for “Francis the Healer” and am absolutely blown away by your writing, your courage and inspiration. I just visited Francis for the first time last week and the healing I’m looking for is on the spiritual realm as I am healthy enough physically. Quite honestly, what I’m looking for is to feel again experientially exactly what you wrote above. Thank you does not say enough, but I do thank you for taking the time to write what you do and for being who you are and letting us in to see and know you a bit.
    With great respect and admiration, Malia

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