We Accept the Love We Think We Deserve

I recently saw the movie “The Perks of Being a Wallflower”.  In the film it is quoted that “we accept the love we think we deserve”.  I think there may be a lot of truth to this statement.  It seems that for a great deal of my own life, whenever love begins to make its way towards me, I immediately start pushing it away.  I’ve done this in my family, and in my relationships.  I’ve often wondered why I do this.  It seems to be of no conscious choice of my own, it just happens.  But, what if it’s true?  What if I have trouble accepting love, because I don’t think I deserve it?  This is why loving yourself is so important, because until you truly love yourself, it is near impossible to love and accept love.  This would also explain my need to chase girls that don’t seem to like me, and then push them away when they do.

Love is the center of our existence.  We spend our entire lives chasing it, trying to understand it, to get back to that place where we exist completely in a state of love.  Loving yourself can be the hardest part of it all, but it’s also the most important step, and one that must be made in order to reach that final destination.  Because even loving yourself, is not the end of the road.  When you love yourself, you may be able to accept love and give it as well on some level, but to truly reach divine love you must learn to love all of humanity.  Loving yourself may be the key that opens the portal to this world, because all of humanity is in fact one and the same.  When you direct hate toward someone else, you are only hating yourself, for all of humanity is part of the same whole, part of the same source, part of the same love that we all strive to achieve.

Loving all of humanity involves understanding their suffering, understanding that their actions are all just a part of the attempt to get back to that source.  So often it is difficult to understand others’ actions, and we initially want to judge and feel superior then them.  This is also part of trying to reach that place of love, because by judging others we tend to feel more important, more loved, or so we believe.  But the judgment has a circular effect.  When judging someone else, we unknowingly judge ourselves, and our light goes dim.  It is in love and compassion for others, that our light grows bright, and we finally reach that place where true love is our being, and we are able to accept love completely and fully, and give that love back without judgment, without expectation, and without conditions.

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1 Response to We Accept the Love We Think We Deserve

  1. Lisa says:

    I love this Colin! no pun intended. I’ve been thinking a lot about love myself lately, as I’ve fallen into it, after what feels like centuries, if ever I was. I am astonished and amazed at how it’s expanded my world and made me a much better person. And yet, it was in me all along wasn’t it!

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