The Great Enterprise…Planet Earth

Whenever I begin to think about the troubles of the world, one of my favorite quotes from Satya Sai Baba comes to mind.  He said, “The Earth is a great enterprise, a busy factory, where the product is love.”

“Love?” you may ask.  “Really?  What about war?  Famine?  Abuse?  How can any of these things create love?”

It is very difficult to understand, and is easy to think of our planet as a broken place, a place that desperately needs fixing, but I would like to challenge people of this thought to a different perspective.  While there is a great deal of pain in the world, most of which is honestly caused by our own minds, every part within and without, is an elaborate drama, a play which serves as the foundational structure for the fundamental purpose of life and all existence.  It provides us the experiences and the mechanisms necessary for each and every one of us to attain self-realization.

In this manner of thinking, we no longer have to be corrupted by the negative thinking of others or by the constant narratives that our planet is in chaos.  Instead we can see it as a grand creation, all of it, both good and bad, which is providing us with the magnificent opportunity to discover who we are.  To discover that we are not mortal beings of flesh and bones.  That we are not a machine, being powered by a physical blood-pumping organ within our chest.  That we are not defined by what anyone else says, thinks, or feels.  We are what our natural instinct is telling us that we are.  We are that which calls out to us day and night, begging us to peer through the misty fog of selfishness, anger, and depression.  We are the love that never dies, that always has been, and is the essence of all existence from here to infinity.

Even this knowledge however, does not stop many of us from wishing the world could be a better place.  This desire becomes even more powerful when the grace of God bestows upon us the awareness that all is one, that we are all a reflection of the same love.  Then, to see other reflections suffering as they are, invokes the need for us to help them somehow.  But then comes the mistake.  People tend to want to attack large problems.  Problems that they think are systemic issues within government, society or culture.  They instantly want to transform widespread ways of thinking that they believe are inherently bad.  But I believe that the greatest gift any one of us can give to the world, is to find the love inside our own hearts.  To learn how to express our own consciousness fully and completely, and then use that expression to spread love through selfless service and action.

It doesn’t have to be much.  It could be carrying someone’s groceries to the car.  It could be sitting next to someone at the park who looks like they need a friend.  Maybe it’s giving a nice tip to a hard-working waiter or waitress.  Or simply smiling at someone, saying hello, saying thank you.  We should all strive to embody kindness, love, and compassion.  It is these infectious qualities that spread from one person to the next, that open up hearts and filter through consciousness like ripples on a pond.  And even if we do not feel our hearts are open enough to act in this manner, by taking small steps to act with kindness, the experiences will slowly open the heart which felt so closed.  When we help someone else, we are in fact helping ourselves.

It may seem pointless at times when we turn on the news and see one crisis after another occurring, but it is not up to us to decide how the drama of God’s play is written.  The only person we can control is ourselves, and in doing so we play our part to shift not only the global consciousness, but that of the entire universe.

Whether we realize it or not, we are constantly affecting other people with our thoughts, emotions and energy, and vice versa are being affected by everyone else’s thoughts, emotions and energy.  One of the hardest parts in attempting to overcome my paralysis, has been overcoming the large systemic belief that walking again is not possible.  For the longest time this belief system smothered me, constantly attempting to control my thoughts and beliefs.  It has taken great effort and spiritual work to get to a place where I believe in a truer reality, a reality where anything is possible, where miracles are real.  We must all take on that challenge, to find the true reality within our own hearts.  The reality where nothing is broken, not us, not the world, not anything.  It is all perfect, it is all God, all here perfectly created for the ultimate purpose of our existence to be fulfilled.

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2 Responses to The Great Enterprise…Planet Earth

  1. Ryan Sharma says:

    Beautiful, very true, when seen from a universal perspective, all is well and unfolding as it should!

  2. Lisa says:

    I just love reading what you write. it always seems to touch me in a personal way. Thank you!

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