Another hurdle? No Problem…

In the spring of this year, Francis informed me that he was moving.  He would no longer be located in Austin.  It was very much a surprise, as everything he had always said seemed to indicate that he would be in Texas for the remainder of his life.  But, as Francis always says, he has surrendered to Baba and he simply does whatever Baba asks him to do, without question.  (Baba is short for Sathya Sai Baba, Indian holy man and Francis’ guide and guru.)

When he told me the news, it was still going to be quite some time before he actually left, so while it did worry me somewhat, I soon accepted that it was simply part of the plan, and quite possibly meant that I would walk before he left.  I embraced this notion, but as his departure date inched closer, concern and anxiety emerged.  I questioned God’s plan, my path, questioned my intentions about my life and what I was choosing to create.  When the desperation reached its height, I opened my heart and prayed, and the answer was the same as it has always been, “Don’t give up, don’t ever give up.”

And that’s what I did.  I put everything I had into the healing process, which for me mostly means spiritual practice, connecting with the divine within and without, the place that holds all the power of the universe.  I exercised as well, in my own unique way, while visualizing and expanding the energy throughout my body.  I did this with as much effort and intention as I could muster.  Some days I was focused and invigorated with faith.  Other days, not so much.  Francis was working hard on me as well, healing me whenever he could.  I asked him one day, why he was so dedicated to healing me, when there are so many other people who also need healing.  He told me that he was rewarding my effort, and that he was meant to heal me.

With not much time left before the move, every healing I received by Francis felt like the one which would remove my paralysis forever.  Perhaps everything was coming together, the divine timing of the many paths involved converging to create that one beautiful moment.  But with each consecutive healing, we had to accept that it was not yet time, that we must wait at least a little longer.  Then the move date arrived, and Francis did one more healing.

The energy built up slowly, and reached its peak.  My muscles trembled, new and thrilling sensations shot through my body.  Tears flowed from my eyes.  This was it.  It was all about to happen.  I truly felt it.  Everything was coming to a head.  But then the healing session ended.  “God bless you Colin”, Francis said.  I opened my eyes and tried to move my legs, wiggle my toes, but nothing.  I could sense a slight bit of frustration in Francis as well, but not much.  If he ever does experience frustration or disappointment, he gets over it almost instantly, relying on his unflinching faith and surrender.  “Do not worry Colin,” he told me.  “You will walk.  The date is set.”

After he left the energy knocked me out cold.  It truly felt like the most powerful healing I have ever received.  As the day wore on, I got frustrated.  “Have I not put in enough effort?” I wondered.  Over and over again my family and I are guided to continue this journey.  But how much longer must our faith be tested?  How many more hurdles must we climb before the effort and faith is rewarded?

By evening, I gathered my strength, and once again got the same message.  “Don’t give up.  Don’t ever give up.”  I must continue to follow my heart, and have faith that there is a purpose to this gut instinct, to this undeniable desire to heal and prove what effort, determination, and faith can accomplish.  So many of us dream of great things, but as life wears on, we are led to believe that it’s hopeless.  I wish to serve as an example, proving that the dreams that rest in our hearts are not meant to be ignored, they are not meant to be seen as false realities, or silly notions to lock away, replaced by more practical realities and visions.  We are everything we dream ourselves to be and more.  We are that which cannot be explained, that whose mystery is more beautiful than anything our limited minds can imagine.  How can such a magnificent creation ignore the burning desires of the heart?  No, not me.  I refuse to do so.

If you wish to see Francis, or receive distance healing, he does healing through Skype now as well, visit his website at  He will be spending the majority of his time traveling to various cities, perhaps one near you.

God bless everyone.  Thanks for visiting.

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