Surfing the Muse the blog

I decided to create a blog within this blog. Not sure how it’s all going to shake out. I want to keep writing, to keep sharing on this platform, but it’s time to change the vibes. I could explain the motivation, dive deep into spiritual analysis, but I think I’ve done enough of that for now. I’m just going to do what feels good. The Power of Tragedy is still here, but there is also Surfing the Muse.

To kick things off I’d like to share an Abraham Hicks video. She has been a very influential figure in my life the past couple of years and she never fails to motivate me to tap into a better feeling state of mind.

Much love everyone! You can also find me on my YouTube channel.

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8 Responses to Surfing the Muse the blog

  1. novelnorma says:

    I’m excited to hear about your new focus 🙂


    This is great, Colin. I am looking forward to it! Tell your Mom and Dad hi for me!

  3. Parkoos says:

    May the vortex be with you

  4. No matter the turmoil and obstacles any of us face as the saying goes the support system can be random strangers. That in itself is a beautiful thing in this universe. Stay strong as you are! Peace and Bliss!

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