No risk it, no biscuit. I am removing the veil. Revealing the wizard behind the curtain. Taking the plunge. I am sharing…. a vlog…… on my blog. Oh shnap! There was a huge gust of wind outside and my front door blew open! 🙂

(more writing below)

I have been blogging for a long time. It started on my own, then I moved over to MSN spaces and built up a small community of blogging friends. Eventually my gusto faded a bit, MSN spaces died, and all of my content was moved over to WordPress. From then on my writing was more for preserving a historical record than anything else.

After all this time it feels like a big step to reveal a face, a voice, a personality. I was thinking about whether it is possible for someone to truly know someone else just through writing, and I don’t think it is. No matter how talented the writer, there is always a wall of privacy that cannot be broken. There is some comfort and security in that.

So it honestly feels kind of scary to burst that bubble, but my path lately has been about discovering and embracing who I am in this life, and posting this vlog, on my blog, is part of that journey.

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1 Response to Hi

  1. novelnorma says:

    I always hated the “manscaping” trend, but I guess I was in the minority. Why can’t we all just be like we are?

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