(Visions) And so I stayed

I stood up and felt pain in my knees and ankles. I was so stiff. The bones in my spine cracked and adjusted themselves against the force of contracting muscles. I stumbled toward the doorway and caught myself on the dresser. I caught myself… with hands and fingers. My body became steady, and I made my way into the living room. Light was pouring in from the back doorway with the paleness of the winter sky. I followed it and was outside. It was cold and exhilarating. I stepped into the grass and felt the warmth of the ground against my skin. The blades of grass were itchy as my toes grabbed on to them. I dropped to my knees and fell to the ground, rolling onto my back. The wind blew around me. The earth sucked me in. I lay there, looking up at the clouds. One with the rotation of the planet I took long breaths, absorbing life force. There was no time. And so I stayed, until the earth released me.

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2 Responses to (Visions) And so I stayed

  1. Hi Colin, this post is really amazing! I have had visions off and on for the past 5 years and this really spoke to me, the way you described this is powerful and relatable. Thank you for writing this!

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