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Ren, and the battle between good and evil

I have enjoyed music throughout my life, but the past 5 years or so, my interest in the artistic expression of music has come and gone as I go through various phases. Lately, I have been listening to music again, … Continue reading

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(Visions) And so I stayed

I stood up and felt pain in my knees and ankles. I was so stiff. The bones in my spine cracked and adjusted themselves against the force of contracting muscles. I stumbled toward the doorway and caught myself on the … Continue reading

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The Girl with the Curly Hair

One night in college, I was at a party. It may have been Halloween, and I may or may not have been dressed up as a ninja. I can’t remember. I started talking to this girl. She had dark, curly … Continue reading

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Just Life

On the wave of momentum we ride, The power is there, though it loves to hide, In plain sight, it waits to be found, An open secret, we can find it in the sound, In the wind and rain and … Continue reading

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